Zwart Talent Foundation Launches to Train Young Africans in Relevant ICT Skills to Enable Them Compete in the Global IT Marketpl

The Zwart Talent Foundation, a non-profit organization bridging the growing tech talent gap, launched to train young Africans in relevant information and communication technology skills to enable them to participate in the global workforce.

Tech jobs in the United States outnumbered skilled workers by roughly 3 million as of 2016, according to a report by Randstad NV, a Netherlands-based human resources consulting firm.

By 2030, there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers, representing $ 8.5 trillion in lost annual revenue, according to Korn Ferry.

The Korn Ferry report projects that among the economies expected to be hit the hardest are Brazil, Indonesia and Japan, which could face a shortage of up to 18 million workers. The United States and Russia are expected to have fewer than 6 million workers each, while China could face a deficit of 12 million. There is a serious shortage of tech talent around the world.

Zwart Talent Foundation, an initiative of ZwartTech, in partnership with the TBEC Group of Companies, and the International Sustainable Education Foundation (ISEF) plans to close this gap by training more than 2,000 young Africans in ICT skills over the next 5 years and connecting them with jobs. . in international companies. The Foundation will meet these goals through the Zwart Academy, Zwart Recruit and the Zwart Hub.

The Zwart Academy will train youth in cybersecurity and Javascript for six months free of charge. Upon completion of the training program, students go through a one-year internship with Zwart Tech. Future courses will include PYTHON, Microsoft .NET, PHP / LARAVEL, Graphic Design, UI, and UX Design.

As an edtech startup with social impact, 70% of admissions to the Academy will be reserved for girls. Meanwhile, applications to join the Academy will open in September and classes will begin in October.

Zwart Recruit will bring together world-class technology experts with international opportunities. The startup has a group of highly trained and well-trained IT experts who have completed the rigorous recruitment process and are ready to provide world-class technology services. If you are a senior IT expert, you can apply to join Zwart Recruit.

Zwart Hub is a technology business incubator that aims to help entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their business to a world-class level.

Zwart Talent Foundation President Nelson Tosin Ajulo said: “We launched the Zwart Talent Foundation to help Africans quickly fight poverty by giving them the opportunity to acquire technology skills and connect them to international job opportunities. This will allow them to earn more and improve their financial situation.

“We have also realized that the quality of ICT education in Africa is inadequate. With this in mind, students who join the Foundation will become Junior Developers in less than 3 years compared to attending a university and spending four or five years in the same course.

“Our approach is not only innovative, but it also saves time and will help address inequality more quickly, reducing the gaps between social classes. The Academy’s training program involves many internships and is free. “

About the Zwart Talent Foundation

The Zwart Talent Foundation was founded in May 2021 and is made up of Zwart Academy (ZA), Zwart Recruit (ZR), and Zwart Entrepreneurial Hub (ZEH). The Foundation was founded with the goal of empowering young people to take advantage of global opportunities while boosting the local economy and educating more than 2,000 students in five years. The academy also aims to provide world-class education and training to students in small interactive groups. From highly experienced senior IT engineers in the field to cutting edge classrooms, the Academy is poised to empower young people to compete in the global IT market..

Zwart Talent Foundation Launches to Train Young Africans in Relevant

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