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Google was unable to reach an agreement that would allow it to continue offering YouTube TV subscribers access to Disney channels. The tech giant warned customers a few days ago that Disney channels, including ABC, ESPN and FX, could disappear before midnight on December 17 if they cannot accept the transport rates. Back then, he was optimistic that he could get the result he wanted. But now, Google has told customers that companies unable to reach an agreement before the existing one expired despite holding negotiations for several months.

The company said the negotiations failed despite its best efforts, but that it will “continue discussions with Disney to advocate for [viewers’] Disney, however, said The Streamable in a statement that YouTube TV “has refused to come to a fair settlement with [the company] according to the terms and conditions of the market “.

The company added: “As a result, its subscribers have lost access to our unparalleled portfolio of networks that include live sports and news, as well as entertainment programming for children, families and in general from ABC, ESPN networks, television channels. Disney, Freeform, FX networks and National Geographic channels. We are ready to reach an equitable agreement with Google as quickly as possible to minimize the inconvenience to YouTube TV viewers by restoring our networks. We hope that Google will join us. to us in that effort. “

Here is the list of Disney-owned channels that are no longer available on YouTube TV:

Google has reduced the price of YouTube TV by $ 15 per month (from $ 65 to $ 50 for the entry level), while Disney channels are not available on the platform. For now, viewers are encouraged to sign up for The Disney Bundle at $ 14 a month if they want continued access to channels that were removed from YouTube TV.

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