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Ventoy is a popular open source tool for creating bootable media. What sets it apart from other solutions like the Rufus Universal USB Installer or the Media Creation Tool bundle, is that it accepts images, for example ISO files, and supports multiboot scenarios.

You add the main files to the USB device and all you have to do is copy disk images, for example Windows or Linux images to the device to boot them using the USB device.

Until now, Ventoy erased all the data on the USB stick when you selected the install option in the app interface. The latest version of the program changes that, as you now have an option to keep data on the device. It is called non-destructive installation and it can be selected in the interface.

Ventoy 1.0.59 or higher is required for functionality. Just head over to the developer’s website and download the Linux or Windows version of Ventoy. Unpack the archive, run the executable, and you’re good to go.

Support for the feature is experimental at this stage. It is recommended that you back up your data before using it at this stage.

The Ventoy Developer describes the process on this document page on the website.

  • The USB device must have space for a new partition that Ventoy requires.
    • For MBR partition style, if there are already 4 partitions on your disk, then you cannot do nondestructive installation.
    • For GPT partition style, if there are already 128 partitions on your disk, then you cannot do nondestructive installation.
  • The first partition should start at 1MB
    • Both MBR and GPT must meet this requirement to match the Ventoy disk layout. In Windows, the first partition starts with 1 MB by default.
  • The first partition must be NTFS, not another file system.
    • This is because the Windows APIs only support NTFS shrinking. For FAT32, you can do non-destructive conversion to NTFS first.
  • The first partition needs free space.
    • Non-destructive shrinkage needs some free space.
      It’s also fine if you already have enough unused space (32MB +) after the first partition (then you no longer need to shrink the first partition).
  • The first partition must have a drive letter.

Select Options> Non-destructive installation to install Ventoy on the device without deleting the existing data.

Closing words

While it is generally better to use a blank USB device or one without important data, this option may sometimes not be available. If you only have one USB stick, with the data you need, then you may find Ventoy’s new option useful as it keeps the data on the device.

Still, it is recommended to back up the data, if possible, to avoid problems with the experimental implementation. The feature worked well during testing.

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Now you can use Ventoy without deleting data on USB sticks

Article name

Now you can use Ventoy without deleting data on USB sticks


A look at Ventoy’s new feature for installing it on USB devices without deleting the data on those devices. Ventoy creates bootable USB devices using disk images.


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