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ThisIsWin11 is a switch for Microsoft’s Windows 11 from Builtbybel, a developer known for its open source tools like Privatezilla, Cleanmgr +, or SharpApp.

ThisIsWin11 does not need to be installed. Windows 11 displays a SmartScreen warning message when running the application, but this happens frequently if an application is new and not used much. A check at Virustotal yielded a clean sheet for the application.

ThisIsWin11 new design

The latest release version of ThisIsWin11 comes with a new design, but it’s not just that. The announcement on Builtbybel’s official website calls it a wizard layout. In addition to the app’s best images, it’s introducing a wizard-like interface to guide users through modifying Windows 11 settings.

Users of portable applications do not need to use the wizard, as they can use the five buttons, named 1 through 5, at the bottom of the interface to jump directly to the main sections of the application.

These are:

  1. Run a check of the current settings on the system and suggest settings that need attention (that is, correct them by changing them).
  2. Remove the applications that come pre-installed with Windows that may not be necessary.
  3. Install popular third-party apps like 7-Zip, Sumatra, Firefox, Vivaldi, Thunderbird, LibreOffice, or Rufus in one quick process.
  4. Automate tasks by running available scripts, for example to clean Windows, update Store apps, reinstall all built-in apps, or remove telemetry from third-party apps.
  5. Create custom settings and run them from here.

The new wizard-like layout provides further explanation as only one option is displayed per displaying page. The first suggests customizing Windows; includes a link to background customization settings and the first main section of the application.

fix Windows 11 privacy settings

Navigate through the wizard pages using the forward and back buttons. Clicking the start icon restarts the wizard, but certain pages of the wizard can be skipped without making any changes.

The new design is available for voting at the time of writing. The only other option is the old classic app layout. At the time of writing, on December 22, 2021, 74% of all voters voted for the new design.

Closing words

The new wizard-like layout provides explanations and focuses on only one area of ​​interest per page. New and inexperienced users may find this approach more useful as it is not as overwhelming as listing fifty or more configurations with proposed changes on a single page.

Experienced users can still access the different sections of the app directly to make changes immediately, without going through the wizard entirely.

Now you: What approach do you prefer?

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