Win for Artists and Content Creators As Safaricom Adjusts Skiza Returns

Skiza Tunes has been around for a while, since it was released in 2009.

Safaricom, which markets the product, has been at the forefront of ensuring that artists can earn income from streams other than the ordinary music business line.

To this end, the operator has announced that musicians and other content creators whose materials are used as callback tunes will see their Skiza earnings grow by 40 percent.

During the announcement of this development, Safaricom said that more than 20,000 artists and content creators will benefit from the move thanks to the increase in Skiza’s revenue share by 33 percent.

The increase in revenue share will be reflected in all content on the Skiza platform as of July 1, 2021. The increase will also apply to musical and non-musical tones.

Safaricom says the positive adjustment is timely because the pandemic has seen many artists struggling to make a living.

Safaricom’s move is a timely boost for artists and content creators who have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has reduced engagement with their audience and significantly reduced their profits. The entertainment sector, including the Skiza service, has also been affected by the reduction in customer spending in the face of the pandemic – Safaricom Statement

The airline adds that the development is long-term and will seek other ways to support the entertainment industry in the country.

We launched Skiza in 2009 as a way to connect content creators with their fans and since then it has grown to become the mobile entertainment service of choice for more than 9 million Kenyans. Our decision to increase artist and content creator revenue share by 33% will act as an additional boost for the creative industry to support talent growth and sustainability.Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom

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Safaricom has since launched Baze, a video-sharing platform that seeks to give creators a platform to share their materials while earning some income.

You can read more about Baze here.

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