Western Sydney Airport starts assembling its IT ‘framework’

Western Sydney International Terminal (Credit: Western Sydney Airport)

The computer and cyber security foundations of the new Western Sydney airport will be assembled by DXC Technology under a master systems integration agreement.

The federal government said that a contract “for the delivery of the airport’s technological framework was also awarded to DXC Technology to design and deliver the fundamental structure that will allow more than 60 technological systems to communicate effectively with each other and with the systems of the airlines. , air cargo operators, retail tenants and government agencies. “

These “operating systems” must be combined to “ensure fast and smooth travel for customers,” DXC Technology said in a statement.

“We all know that airports often don’t get it right when it comes to making things easier for their customers,” Western Sydney Airport CEO Simon Hickey said in a separate statement.

“Unlike other airports that need to modernize outdated technology and infrastructure, Western Sydney International Airport (Nancy-Bird Walton) is a new and unique opportunity to build an airport from scratch taking into account emerging or yet to be technologies. have imagined.

“DXC Technology will work with us to consider what the opening of a digitally enabled airport will look like in 2026 and how we can incorporate the technology of tomorrow to transform the customer experience and avoid the frustrations that can be found at other airports.”

DXC Technology said it would offer “integration, cybersecurity and hosting platforms” under the agreement.

It also includes “a collection of program accelerators aimed at the rapid integration of airport systems,” he said.

“This includes an aviation test center of excellence, which DXC uses for many airport systems around the world.”

No dollar value was placed on the deal.

Hickey said the airport operator wanted IT and digital systems that would help airlines achieve better performance in time and response, and help passengers “get on the road sooner.”

“Our goal is to eliminate the queues that passengers experience at other airports, with systems that can efficiently predict and handle peak passenger periods,” Hickey said.

“This framework will enable systems that allow passengers to track their luggage through an application so that they know exactly when their luggage will arrive, with the aim of eliminating the anxious wait around the luggage carousel.

“Passengers will have the information they need to make their trip as stress-free and reliable as possible, putting information on parking availability, transportation availability, flight status, retail opportunities and services for the disabled at their fingertips.”

Western Sydney International Airport (Nancy-Bird Walton) is Sydney’s second international airport that has long been debated. It is scheduled to open in 2026.

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