Warner’s last mile on a long cloud journey

Warner Music Group is the epitome of a cloud veteran. The media giant’s advanced cloud architecture, running on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, dates back almost 12 years, making it one of the first companies to migrate nearly all of its corporate assets to the cloud.

“It’s the whole company, everything we do,” WMG CIO Ralph Munsen tells CIO.com of the company’s fully cloud architecture.

This month, the company is celebrating another milestone in its multi-year cloud project: the migration of its network services to the cloud.

Adopting Network as a Service (NaaS) offers multiple benefits, ranging from cost savings to increased security and better orchestration of network services in an ever-changing corporate environment. By migrating interconnects and multiple network layers to the cloud, organizations can establish a more agile platform in which network services and virtual circuits can be dynamically turned on and off without downtime due to orchestration of the platform, says Munsen.

“When you want to add something, change your circuit or change something on that network, it is much easier. You go to a place, you make the change and it takes effect immediately, ”he adds.

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