Vertical Field Launches Vertical Farms In Russia And Ukraine

Israel’s Vertical Field, a developer of smart vertical growing solutions for fresh produce, announced Thursday that it has partnered with major retail chains in Russia and Ukraine. As part of the partnership, the company will establish vertical farms within Magnit, one of Russia’s largest food retailers, and Varus, the Ukrainian supermarket chain.

The first of these vertical farms already opened this month in Dnipro, Ukraine and Krasnodar, Russia, and they are providing a steady harvest of fresh, healthy vegetables, which are sold in retail stores, according to the company’s announcement.

“The produce will hit the shelves in a matter of minutes, immediately after being harvested on the vertical farm, and customers will clearly see where the vegetables are coming from. This technology is respectful with the environment, optimizes processes and improves product quality, ”said Vyacheslav Krasnoyarov, director of internal production at the Magnit retail chain.

Vertical Field, the Israeli agricultural technology company owned by Israeli businessman Michael Mirilashvili, develops vertical agricultural systems for smart cities. The Company develops proprietary technologies to grow fresh and healthy food with its innovative “vertical fields” that fit the urban setting. Vertical Field’s indoor farm is a mobile unit that grows leafy greens such as lettuce, oak green lettuce, spinach, and basil. The mobile soil-based platform uses 90 percent less water and land than is required to grow vegetation in a traditional field. LED lights, which can be controlled remotely via an app, are used for intensive vegetation growth and can provide each crop with the precise wavelengths it needs to flourish. In addition, the module is equipped with sensors that allow real-time monitoring of the state of the plants. The harvest occurs every two to three days and takes just a few minutes from harvest time to hit the shelves. Selling this product directly will reduce logistics costs and provide fresh crops regardless of the season.

“We already have portable vertical farms growing 4-wall crops in various locations around the world. In Russia, we are also integrating a nursery, where the seedlings will be grown for about 10 days before they are transferred to our modular growing pods. Plants are grown vertically under optimally controlled conditions with sensors that monitor, detect and assign inputs based on data such as: irrigation, lighting, fertilizers and climate control. After approximately three weeks, the product is ready for harvest and sale. The vertical farm has been designed to be conveniently located on site, next to supermarkets, restaurants, institutions, city centers, hotels, educational institutions and more. We’ve already developed protocols for growing 50 varieties of leafy greens and herbs, six varieties of mushrooms, and now the protocol for everyone’s favorite fruit, strawberries, is on the way. ”Menni Bushuev, Beer Itzhak Vice President of Business Development Energy.

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