Valve’s Steam Deck is on track for late February launch

Soon: If you’re one of the many gamers hoping to get your hands on a Steam Deck, you may not have to wait much longer. Valve said the new handheld console will likely start shipping next month, despite ongoing issues with the supply chain.

Valve announced its Steam Deck handheld console in July 2021, and it’s no secret that it brought a lot of excitement to gamers hoping to play their favorite PC games on a compact handheld device. The concept was intriguing even to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, who called it an “incredible move” that will give users the ability to install the software of their choice.

However, the timing coincided with the current situation where the technology supply chain has been fighting to meet the demand for materials and components needed to make consumer electronic devices. Valve initially planned for early adopters to receive their devices in December, but was eventually forced to push the release back to February of this year.

The company now has published an update confirming that the long-awaited handheld console is still on track for a proper launch late next month, “despite the global pandemic, supply issues, and shipping issues.”

In the meantime, the company says that it has been shipping more dev kits so that game creators can prepare their titles for the Steam Deck release. Games will have ratings based on their level of compatibility and ease of setup, and earning a “Deck Verified” checkmark also requires a particular title to hit a minimum of 30 frames per second at all times.

Valve says it has more information to share soon, and you can make an order Steam Deck at time of writing.

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