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Short Message Service (SMS) software stands out as a common form of communication. Most of the people use SMS through text messages, so they can easily send quick replies to people through their phones. Some businesses will have text messaging software, so they can quickly message their customers in a variety of ways.

Send delivery updates

When you use text messaging software, you can send delivery updates to your customers. Many customers will be shopping online or expecting deliveries at a certain time, so you can keep them up to date on your deliveries. Otherwise, your customers may get impatient and won’t want to work with your business later when they need updates.

Text messaging works well as you can let them know the current stage of the delivery process. You can also send them a URL, so they can easily check the current status of their shipments whenever they want. This should minimize phone calls as your customers don’t need to ask about deliveries.

Hold conversations with customers

As you use text messaging software, you can have conversations with your customers through these texts. This means that you can configure the software so that customers can message your employees and ask questions. This allows you to offer live chat services via text messages, so people have an easy way to contact customer support.

It is possible to send two-way text messages through SMS software, so you can establish communication with your customers. They may prefer this method as most people keep their phones with them most of the day. That means they can reply as soon as they get a response from your employee, so they can receive instant customer service and feedback.

Remind people about dating

When you use text messaging software, you can send people reminders about their upcoming appointments with your company. This is even more important for businesses that need to meet with their clients regularly for important appointments or meetings. Be sure to check out this feature, to avoid missed appointments or clients forgetting those meetings.

For example, a customer may have an appointment on Tuesday, so your company could send a text reminder on Monday. The text could be sent 24 hours in advance, so your client has plenty of time to respond and keep the appointment. Otherwise, your clients could miss their appointments, which could end up costing your company some money.

Send text surveys

You also have the opportunity to send text surveys to your customers to find out how they feel. These surveys may allow your customers to respond via text message or by clicking on a link to go to the survey. Either way, you can encourage your customers to respond to your requests through text messages.

While emails can encourage your customers to complete the survey, a text message can convince them even more. Text messages are immediate, so you can get faster responses and feedback from your customers when possible. This can also help you get more feedback in general, so you should try to take advantage of it if you plan on going full text messaging software.

Inform people about registrations

Some people may have the opportunity to register on your website or other information. For example, they may want to create an online account so they can make purchases from your website. You can also use them to let your customers sign up for text message updates, email newsletters, and more.

Depending on how you set them up, you can also allow people to unsubscribe from specific services through text messages. This can make the process more convenient for them, so they can make adjustments when they need to. An approach like this can make them more aware of your customer service, so they can develop a better opinion of your business through messaging.


When you check out the texting software available, you can see how it can benefit your business. Doing so will allow you to use the texts in various ways, so you can engage with customers and send them key information. Doing so will help you leave an impact on your customers while meeting any of their needs.

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