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For digital transformation to be successful, engagement and adoption must be achieved. If a positive user experience cannot be developed, it is highly unlikely. Especially when new technology or software is being introduced, ease of use will play a critical role, effectively determining whether the implementation is a win or not.

For Carrie Peter, solution owner at Impression Signatures, leaving your fingerprint requires more than innovation – it requires a dedication to excellence. “From an eSignature perspective, the focus should be to make sending and signing documents convenient, legal and secure. Modern digital document signing and delivery solutions should be easily integrated into existing web and mobile applications for a smooth and frictionless customer experience across channels. “

According to Sonja von Brucken, Director of Digital Workplace, EOH Group, the user experience offered by Impression Signatures ensured that its eSignature solutions were effortlessly deployed throughout the Group. As part of iOCO, an EOH company, Impressions was a natural choice for the Group, but not automatic. “Although we wanted to use a product available within the Group, we did our due diligence and found that the Impression solution was much more cost-effective and efficient than other electronic signature and document management solutions,” confirms von Brucken.

With a professional and accommodating approach, the Impressions team developed a solution specifically for EOH, meeting your unique needs. An essential feature includes the ability to send documents for signature from Microsoft Word. The team also optimized the document send / receive cycle time from around 30 minutes to less than a minute to improve efficiency.

“The user experience side was critical. Fortunately, we had started this process before the first Covid shutdown, so when the pandemic began, we were able to quickly begin working with all rapidly mobilized personnel on electronic signatures. This not only enables our staff to sign documents from anywhere, using any device, either in person or through independent legal entities within EOH, it also offers excellent security. With an international security certification and accreditation, we knew we could trust the solution, ”adds von Brucken.

While this offers immense benefits, while working from home remains a reality for many employees around the world, EOH also enjoyed fringe benefits. Before switching to electronic signatures, the Group had significant costs related to printing. “After the analysis, it was clear that the staff printed, signed, scanned and then threw away the paper. This was wasteful and expensive. Since we implemented electronic signatures, we have had a 75% savings on our printing in just 24 months, ”confirms von Brucken. “This implementation effectively reduced the printing cost for fiscal year 2019 (and related) from R4.6 million to R1.15 million in fiscal year 21.”

With the ease of adoption, the solution is now widely used in certain business units within EOH. “In April 2020 there was no use of the Impression Signatures solutions in EOH. Today the organization signs more than 5,000 documents per month with Impression’s secure electronic signatures, ”says Peter. “As we continue to grow Impression’s footprint and adoption within EOH, we anticipate increasing this number, while offering the organization even greater savings potential.”

Von Brucken adds that the platform’s integration with various authentication environments ensures that users can authenticate with Microsoft and Google, with a single sign-on. “As an added value, our employees can also use the solution for their personal documents.”

From a legal perspective, von Brucken confirms that the platform also drives compliance. “When considering POPIA and GDPR, the reduction in printing means that EOH has an electronic version of the data in a secure environment. Without paper, security risks and data leakage issues are minimized, as no printed documents are disposed of in the trash can. This digital approach is a key benefit, as it protects the personal data and information of our customers and employees. ”

These electronic signatures also offer advanced audit trails to determine the chain of custody. Users can determine a specific order to log into documents, according to hierarchy of authority. When it comes to board and contract packages, you very often have three or four different versions that need to be collected and delivered to different people. Submitting them electronically offers additional cost savings while getting your version of the truth when it comes to recruiting.

EOH confirms that after extensive user acceptance testing, the solution was found to be very easy to use. “From legal teams to governance and compliance teams to business units and CEOs, we really make sure to address all the specific environments that the platform must meet,” says von Brucken. “It is very easy to sign the document within the platform and offers unique functions and automation.”

In conclusion, von Brucken says that change management was also very easy. “We basically just emailed how to use Impression eSignatures, that was it. Once employees knew that this was the primary tool of choice and how easy it was to use, adoption followed. “

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