Use of technology in day-to-day life

Use of technology

Imagine sitting down with an encyclopedia to look up the basic information of any field? How long can it take? But with the evolution of the internet, it is now just a matter of a click. According to, of the total world population, 40% of people have access to the Internet. This number shows us how many people depend on a single technology.

It is not that we use technology, we live technology …

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In the same way, we use other different technologies in our daily life. These technologies have guided us towards smart work rather than hard work. Now they have become such an integral part of our lives that we can hardly imagine a time without them. So let’s dig a little deeper and find out how technology has found its place in every sector of our lives.

Use of technology in education

With the ability of computers to store a wide range of data, bookshelves, stationery, and libraries have begun to lose their importance. Computers and the Internet have changed the world of education. We’ve come a long way from whiteboards to smart boards. These smart boards in the classroom give children the benefit of e-learning.

Technology helps better learning by allowing children to experience a virtual world filled with real-life applications and interactive learning. He has also improved his presentation skills and provided unprecedented learning opportunities for people around the world. Now, you can record and upload lectures to your websites or applications with the help of cameras, computers, microphones, and an Internet connection. In this way, the information is accessible to more students sitting in any corner of the world.

Use of technology for professional development

We cannot count the number of advantages that technology offers in the professional world. Thanks to the improved means of communication, dealing with customers has become much easier. Previously, you had difficulty talking to a person who did not live in your neighborhood. You had to write a letter, wait for it to reach them, and then reply to it. It was a tedious and time-consuming task. But, this has now changed its way with the digital medium that technology brought. Now a letter or an Office file is just a pdf document or an email.

So you no longer have to fax or file every sheet of paper for the record. Every bit of data is already on your computer for easy access at any time of the day. Saves you stationery costs and storage hassles. Hence, email has revolutionized the form of professional communication.

Use of health technology

Technology impacts the healthcare industry on a large scale. Advances in science and diagnostic tools help detect health problems.

They improve problems or faulty bones for successful life-saving treatments. In addition, technologically created vaccines save the lives of millions of people around the world from diseases such as measles, diphtheria and smallpox. Modern, technology-driven medicine enables patients to manage their life-threatening conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. Therefore, technology increased people’s life expectancy and their quality of life.

Use of technology in a business environment

There has been a huge increase in productivity on the part of business enterprises with the involvement of technology. Computers have helped solve various mathematical and statistical queries and problems, speeding up the process of each task. You can also evaluate your progress with the help of a software.

Plus, you can keep track of customers and their needs so you don’t miss out on any points. Different tools help you generate business opportunities and keep track of customers. If you want to know more about such software, click here.

You should also consider social media as a blessing. So we can connect with clients remotely and also develop personal connections. Besides entertainment, social media has also served its purpose in the professional world.

Use of technology in agriculture

Not only the tertiary sector, but even the primary sectors have grown due to technological advancement. It has led to an increase in grain and food production. Now you can buy technologically refined seeds for your crops. The process of winnowing, threshing and irrigating has become much easier thanks to technology. Time-consuming processes have been reduced to a fraction of the time.

Use of technology for entertainment.

The world of entertainment is evolving with new developments in technology. Retransmission through the digital medium has allowed us to experience more interactive programming sessions and maximum participation of people. Printers, scanners, etc. They have made it very convenient for people to experiment with image production and get the best result.

Now you can find HD graphics in computer games that have replaced primitive video games. Sound and music have also undergone development. Now you can mix the audios, create high-quality soundtracks, edit, remix and modify them according to your desire with the right tools.

Use of technology in public services

  • Various trusts or non-governmental organizations around the world have public services that include health care facilities, food for the needy, academic support, etc. Within these organizations, technology has brought advancements by helping staff and volunteers keep track of people. they have helped. You can easily share it between departments for easy access.
  • Government organizations also provide us with real-time information, such as train schedules, flight delays, arrivals, departures, train stations, etc., via the Internet. The network communication system has provided crucial control over transportation systems, and all of this has been possible with technology.
  • Many organizations have created their profiles online to connect with the general public. Through this, you can renew a document, book a taxi, claim different benefits, get access to your medical reports, and complete most tasks through simple taps on the screen.


Technology is an inescapable part of our everyday life. Imagining life without technology seems useless.

Today’s technology unites the development and the exchange of information, since its true motive is to facilitate the tasks to all. It has become part of our lives today and we will continue to grow with it. It improves the quality and efficiency of work and makes the world a better place.

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