UK signs agreement to help enhance Ukraine’s naval capabilities

The latest agreement seeks to increase Ukraine’s naval defense. Credit: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine /

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and Ukraine Defense Minister Oleksii Yuriyovych Reznikov have signed an intergovernmental framework agreement (IFA).

The agreement marks the next stage of bilateral cooperation between nations and aims to increase Ukraine’s defense capabilities and strengthen interoperability.

It will see Ukraine use British funding to improve its naval capabilities.

Through the latest agreement, the two countries will continue to focus on joint projects to develop the capabilities of the Ukrainian forces.

In a joint statement, defense ministers said: “Ukraine and the UK are strategic partners in security and defense.

“Our governments do not wish to be adversaries or seek in any way to strategically surround or undermine the Russian Federation. We are concerned about Russia’s military development and activity around the borders of Ukraine.

“The national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine are indisputable.

“The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine and will continue to be determined to support them for a long time.

“We are firm in that support and together we remain vigilant and united in the defense of our common values ​​and freedoms.”

The IFA is a continuation of the Implementation Memorandum signed by the two countries in June this year to partner in enhancing Ukraine’s naval capabilities.

This memorandum provides for the joint design and construction of ships in Ukraine and the United Kingdom, the reconstruction of the Ukrainian shipbuilding companies and the construction of two bases for the Ukrainian Navy.

In October 2020, the Defense Ministers of the United Kingdom and Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Intent to develop the capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy.

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