Top Technology Trends for 2021


Since the last years of this decade, the technology market grew with words like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Blockchain, etc. From having large computers to having servers in the cloud, the introduction of robots and the development of high-end algorithms are some of the current technological trends evolving at a rapid pace. These technologies gave humans a drastic turn in their lives when the pandemic hit hard.

Technology trends during the lockdown gave the world an introduction to contactless delivery by robots in restaurants, scanners for contactless menu and bill payment, data protection with cyber security, 5G network, extended exposure to OTT platforms for entertainment and much more.

Many startups and even multinational companies accepted and practiced the technologies and modified their business models accordingly. The covid-19 pandemic will persist for longer. And, therefore, we will need the help of technologies to survive this period.

Let’s look at some technological trends and opportunities that will encompass the future of humanity.

1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Have you ever wondered how exactly YouTube knows the next song you want to hear? Or how exactly does Netflix know the next series you want to enjoy? All of these apps use your old data and build a recommendation engine from it. Not just OTT, but AI has also taken over almost every industry globally.

It’s safe to say that we are still in the early stages of development. And yet we go so far that we can send things to Alexa and ask Google for the route to our destination. In addition, we also have a personal assistant on our phone, and the face lock security that we use to unlock our phone is made possible by artificial intelligence.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are in high demand in the consumer market alongside the IT job market. Machine learning engineers, data analysts, scientists, and artificial intelligence developers are the highest paid professionals of the age. Makes AI-ML one of the top technology trends for the future.

2. Blockchain

The meaning of Blockchain indicates a system for recording information that makes it impossible to edit or delete data from a network. You can only add more data and frame a data string.

With the world running fast on Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins, etc., where data security has become very essential, from healthcare to Banking and Finance to Media, Blockchain applications have spread their roots throughout. sectors these days. Blockchain is the digital ledger that tracks all transactions globally and eliminates the requirement for third-party validations. Therefore, it becomes the best option to keep your data confidential.

If you are looking for a job in this segment, you will always find open positions for Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Solutions Architect, Blockchain Legal Consultant. Read more about the best places to learn more about blockchain.

3. Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, GCP have dominated the market. These are the names of cloud services that provide the flexibility of payment and use. These cloud computing platforms have their servers on the ground and in the cloud. They make it easy for us to store data in the cloud and make it accessible to any device. You just have to log in with your user credentials. In this way, cloud computing services have made life easier for business professionals.

Read more about the advantages of cloud computing here.

Whether you want to develop AI use cases or implement APIs, you can find a solution anywhere and anywhere in the cloud with the fastest possible speed.

You can always be a solution architect or DevOps person and stay on demand while looking for a job and even after securing the job.

Four. Robotic process automation

RPA is another upcoming trend in the market that is automating jobs. It can automatically reply to your emails, automate the insertion of your data into the database, or get data from your favorite blog. Everything is one click away. Looking at the chart, the way that RPA can automate tasks and eliminate manual intervention, we can assure you that RPA will finish a handful of its work in the next decade.

Mastering automation could get you high paying jobs, such as RPA developer, RPA architect, RPA analyst.

5. Augmented reality and virtual reality

AR-VR are the technologies that have grown in recent years and are also growing in the current era. Have you ever wanted to see your home before you even built it?

Yes, you read it right! Arkansas helps you put your imagination and visualizations in front of your eyes and create a realistic environment. Virtual reality helps you to make modifications to the already built environment using different computer elements. Healthcare, architecture, educational technology, and gaming have already started using technology and growing to high potential for the same reason.

6. Cyber ​​security

You may be wondering that cyber security is an old concept. But it is still an ongoing trend. Why? Cyber ​​security can never be out of fashion because malicious hackers come up with new ways to hack into your database. No matter how strongly you protect your database, they will always find improved ways to access your information. And to protect them, we will have to keep updating our cybersecurity. Therefore, cyber security is a technology that will always be on the list.

People associated with defense primarily use cyber security. And therefore, to protect the upcoming threats, we will always need cyber security professions. Therefore, you can say that it is a job prospect that will always help you grow.

7. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) will set all the trends of the future. Study the behavior of a consumer and inform companies about their comments. Thus, they can improvise the products that best suit the customer’s needs.

For example, the Internet collects information about your health. Insurance companies or hospitals can use this information to offer you the best policies. Ultimately, it becomes a win-win situation for both the consumer and the business.

Our smart watches are the best example of IoT technology. Today, we can connect our doors, clocks, air conditioners, washing machines to the Internet and operate them with the Internet. So if you want your air conditioner to cool the room before you get home, you can turn it on while sitting in the office if your air conditioner is connected to the internet. Yes! Now it is possible through IoT technology. And we expect most of our devices to be connected to the internet shortly. So, IoT is not going to die anytime soon.

Last words

Are you worried about the trend you want to follow for your growth? Do not be. Learning any of these would broaden the depth of your knowledge and help you find your way in the IT market among the best professionals.

With companies keeping pace with these emerging technologies, excelling in any of these top digital technology trends would give you a rapidly growing career, both in terms of work and business.

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