Top Highest Paying Jobs In Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure offers a wide variety of certifications for different roles in the IT industry. This certification helps you get the best paying jobs. Azure certifications are in high demand in today’s market. It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, administrator, analyst or consultant, learn that Azure helps drive career opportunities. Mastering Azure means opening up endless opportunities. Microsoft claims that more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure services. So getting certified means you can end up working in one of your dream companies.

But before we discuss the highest paying jobs in Microsoft Azure, let’s take a look at all the top certifications Azure offers.

Azure Cloud Architect

Azure Cloud Architect is a professional whose job involves knowing everything end-to-end in the cloud and the Azure platform that will help become an interface between the technical team and stakeholders. The architect on a cloud platform works on architecture and makes sure that the project is implemented correctly. If you are interested in pursuing a career in Azure as a solution architect, check out this Azure Course and start.

Azure Developer

The role of the developer in a software company is to develop software. The Azure developer must be proficient in software development and also have experience working with the Azure platform. Once you get an Azure certificate in the field of development, you can accumulate better opportunities on the Azure platform.

Azure DevOps Engineer

The role of a DevOps engineer is very important from a software development lifecycle perspective. These professionals have the experience in developing software, implementing it, and maintaining it. They handle multiple fields and ensure that the quality of the software is intact. Getting Azure certified with Azure DevOps Cert will help you land incredible opportunities. You can pass the exam by expanding your DevOps experience with knowledge on the Azure platform.

Azure Big Data Specialist

Azure Big Data Specialist is a highly valued professional in today’s scenario. They can design and implement Big Data services to improve the value of the data set. To become a Big Data specialist, you must have sufficient experience in Data Analytics, in defining Big Data services, in implementing the architecture, and a good practical experience in working with the Azure platform.

Azure basics

With the basic Azure certificate, Azure Fundamentals, you can request multiple roles. You can become an Azure Sales and Purchasing Manager. You may be wondering why I mentioned Sales and Purchases here when talking about Azure cloud certificates. In this role, you can help these companies expand their services and contribute greatly to their advancement.

Azure Administrator

A Azure Administrator performs system installation, operation, and care tasks. If this is what you love to do, getting Azure certified helps you land higher paying jobs on the cloud platform.

Let’s now briefly take a look at the highest paying jobs in Microsoft Azure:

Azure Solutions Architect Expert

This Azure certification exam ranks high on the difficulty index for challenging certifications in the cloud domain. If you look at the statistics presented by ZipRecruiter, if you are an Azure Certified Solution Architect, you can earn an average of $ 152,142 per year. Payscale, on their website, mentions that the average is $ 119,412, but puts $ 188,000 as the highest salary that could be earned with this certification today.

Azure basics

On our list, Azure Fundamentals ranks second in the highest paying Azure jobs. Professionals who earn Azure Fundamentals certification earn around $ 126,652 according to Global Knowledge. Azure Fundamentals only covers the basics or fundamentals of the Azure cloud platform. This foundational level certification helps professionals apply for different positions and not for Azure engineers. Professionals from even the sales and support domains could also earn this certification.

Azure Management Associate

Global Knowledge places the Azure Admin Associate certificate after Azure Solutions Architect and Azure Fundamentals on the Azure platform. This certificate is one of the highest paid certifications of the year 2020. A professional who obtains this certification could earn an average salary of USD 125,993. This certification is also Microsoft’s most requested credential. Using the statistics provided by ZipRecruiter, an Azure management partner will earn between $ 80,000 and $ 116,000.

What certification to look for?

The specific certification to go for depends on the type of role you are seeking. The most important part is the skills needed to do any job. Certifications definitely help pack that work faster. Because obtaining certifications shows that you are trained, informed and efficient in the performance of your role. It will help you highlight your profile among many other professionals for a job vacancy. Global Knowledge reports that in North America itself, professionals with 6 or more certifications earn $ 13,000 more than their non-certified peers.

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