Top 5 things to know about Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled Meta during Connect 2021. Facebook’s new parent company will focus on fulfilling Zuckerberg’s dream of building a metaverse, which will follow the mobile internet, as a set of interconnected digital spaces that enables it to do things it cannot do. in the physical world. While the metaverse is still very far in the future, some parts are already here. Here we will take a look at the top five things to know about metaverse. Also Read: Facebook, Instagram to Remove ‘Sensitive’ Ads Related to Health, Race or Ethnicity and More

Horizon Home

Horizon Home is an initial release for a home base. This will be the first thing you will see when you put on the Quest headphones. The company claims that you will soon be able to invite your friends to join you at Horizon Home, where they can hang out, watch videos, and participate in games and apps together. In Horizon Home, users will be able to interact with each other, joining Horizon Worlds. This will be joined by Horizon Workrooms and Horizon Venues. Also read: Meta Launches Business Center and ‘Grow Your Business Center’ Strategy Manual to Empower SMEs in India


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In metaverse, Meta seeks to provide its users with a next-generation immersive gaming experience. This will allow Quest users to play a host of games such as chess, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, POPULATION: ONE, and more. With this, the company seeks to provide players with a much more immersive experience, placing them directly within the game.

Horizon work rooms

Zuckerberg has stated that the “metaverse will eventually encompass work, entertainment, and everything else.” With Quest for Business, the company will provide users with a new set of features designed for business, through which users can collaborate with coworkers and access productivity applications such as Horizon Workrooms and Gravity Sketch.

The company is looking to integrate productivity apps like Slack, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram as 2D dashboard apps into Horizon Home. This, according to the company, will help users connect with coworkers, access files, update social media, and more.


Physical aptitude

Meta is also looking to target the fitness market, with the goal of making Quest 2 the best gym equipment you can have. The company is even working on launching a new set of accessories under its Active Pack, which will include grips for the Touch. The company currently offers different fitness routines such as Boxing mode for Supernatural, a new FitXR gym, and hand-tracked bodyweight exercises in Rezzil’s Player 22.

Presence platform

Presence Platform is a set of machine perception and artificial intelligence capabilities including Passthrough, Spatial Anchors, and Scene Understanding, which will enable developers to create more realistic mixed reality, interaction and voice experiences.


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