Tinder Is Quietly Working on a ‘Swipe Party’ Feature

Tinder is reportedly working on a feature called Swipe Party that would allow users to evaluate potential matches with their friends and family rather than having to swipe alone.

Swipe Party was initially discovered by Free Dating Tips in the source code of the Tinder app for Android devices. The company reportedly confirmed her work in the role for TechCrunch, which he says he also found multiple references to Swipe Party in the iOS app.

TechCrunch reports that “it appears that Tinder is looking to make this a virtual experience where a user can invite a ‘guest’ to join their swipe session to give their opinion remotely.” That way, passing games can be a group experience rather than an individual activity.

Tinder has struggled to make its service more social in recent months, most notably with the introduction of Explore, a section of its app dedicated to a variety of smaller features. But something like Swipe Party would be even more group-centric than Explore’s current offerings.

That added social component could make Tinder users spend more time on the service. It could also help Tinder get in front of people who don’t need to use a dating app, which is probably why Swipe Party enables guest accounts instead of requiring a prior membership.

Tinder reportedly told TechCrunch that “we are always exploring features to help our members connect in fun new ways,” but declined to offer more information on Swipe Party. However, not all of those features were officially released, so there’s a chance Swipe Party will never debut.

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