Thomas Dohmke will be GitHub’s new CEO

Thomas Dohmke replaces Nat Friedman to become the new CEO of GitHub.

Dohmke co-founded HockeyApp, a service to help distribute beta versions of apps and get analytics and crash reports, in 2011 to solve some of his tough spots as a developer.

He brought this passion for solving pain points to GitHub in 2018 after leading Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub together with Friedman.

On a blog post, Dohmke wrote:

“Leading the home for all developers, working more closely with all of you and the entire GitHub community, is truly a dream come true.

I started coding in the late 1980s on a Robotron KC 87 and then in a Commodore 64.

I discovered Linux and the open source community while studying at the Technical University of Berlin. “

In particular, Dohmke led the work to make private repositories free. During his time as GitHub Product Manager, Dohmke released new capabilities for products like Codespaces, Issues, and Copilot that have healed more headaches for developers.

“I can’t wait to start this journey as the new CEO of GitHub and continue to improve GitHub for all developers,” continues Dohmke.

“We will continue to be customer obsessed, working to support teams of all sizes and projects from all walks of life, from students just learning to code, small and really large open source projects spanning the globe, to the largest enterprises. greats of the world “.

Dohmke promises that, under his leadership, GitHub will retain its developer-first values ​​and continue to operate independently.

Friedman resigns a little over three years after becoming CEO of GitHub. He will become president emeritus of the company, which he says fulfills his “lifelong ambition to have a degree in Latin.”

Under Friedman’s leadership, GitHub Actions has become CI’s service n. 1, Discussions is used by more than half of the top 100 open source communities on the platform, and Sponsors allow developers to earn millions of dollars for their contributions.

Products like Codespaces and Copilot provide early glimpses into the future of software development, while others, such as GitHub Advanced Security and CodeQL, Secret Private Repository Scan, Dependabot, and the GitHub Advisory Database, are helping to secure the chain of provision of software when it has never existed. more critical.

“I have confidence in the GitHub team and in Thomas to meet every new challenge and opportunity that lies ahead,” Friedman wrote in his own. blog post.

“Thank you for the energy and creativity you bring to the work every day that makes GitHub GitHub. I can’t wait to see what we will all build in the years to come. “

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