These Apps Drain Your Phone’s Battery the Most

When your phone’s battery level is low, it’s probably only you to blame. But it’s nice to have someone else to blame too, or rather something. Phone storage app company pCloud decided to help analyze application permissions to find which ones are working on your phone whether you are using them or not.

The methodology involved looking at what features the apps were using (such as location or camera), how much battery power they require, and whether the apps in question have a dark mode setting. By those standards, the top five users are Facebook, Fitbit, Skype, Uber, and Verizon.

It’s no coincidence that the most time consuming apps are also among the most battery hungry. Social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp, are in the top 20, and they all allow 11 functions to run in the background. Online dating can be emotionally drainingand your phone feels the same way. Bumble, Grindr, and Tinder account for 15% of the top battery-draining apps. Each of them allows approximately 11 functions to run while you slide your finger over possible matches.

You can see which apps are using the most battery power on your own device by going into settings, selecting battery, and looking at battery usage by app. You may find that your Twitter habit is 59% of your phone activity. (I’m not going to name names here. Okay, it’s me).

Changing your behavior is obviously one way to save battery life, but if you want to go the path of least resistance, we have simple battery saving tips for iPhone and Android users who prefer to set it up and forget it. .

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