The Tech Industry 2021 Product of the Year

Well this is my last column for 2021 and it has been a great year. We thought 2020 was a challenge. But I think we could argue that on many fronts this year was not exactly a breath of fresh air, and we still have more than a week left for the world to surprise us.

Usually at the end of the year, I try to pick a product that impressed me the most or one that I found I couldn’t live without, like my Ooler Bed Heater / Cooler that helps me sleep.

This year, however, I am going to choose the product that most mitigated the problems we have or the one that entered the market and drove a wave of technology.

Let’s take a look at the two contenders.

Contender One: Omniverse and Earth 2 by Nvidia

On the bright side, we have the birth of the metaverse, a place where we can do simulations and where Nvidia has brought out Omniverse, the quintessential toolkit for building the metaverse. Now at this point the metaverse is being overrated because it is not ready for widespread use yet. It is mainly for emulation and simulation of the real world.

But the biggest thing Nvidia announced this year was the creation of Earth 2, a full metaverse simulation of Earth that could be used to better determine what will be the most effective way to mitigate climate change. Is it carbon sequestration, the shift from gas to electric transportation, the shift to synthetic meat alternatives to beef, or large-scale climate control that is being attempted in tried in china?

Using Earth 2 to simulate planetary impact, we could better determine which combination of practices will have the greatest impact in protecting us from the climate damage that we have been contributing to for decades, and should also provide much earlier warnings of catastrophic weather events like tornadoes. and even earthquakes.

Additionally, Earth 2 should help push for vastly different building regulations so that our structures can better withstand the wrath of nature. It still bothers me that old Disney / Monsanto House of the future Built in the 1950s and never replicated, it was far better designed for today’s harsh weather conditions than any modern design currently in production (these from Blu Homes come closer). Perhaps using Earth 2 to highlight what can happen if we don’t build responsibly for the future can convince us to take a more prudent path.

My hope is that this will lead us to build fire resistant structures in fire areas, better flood resistant structures in flood areas, and do a better job designing earthquake resistant buildings in near fault areas. Earth 2 has the potential to not only mitigate climate change, but also to help us adapt to it so that weather events don’t cause as much damage in the future as they have this year.

Contender two: BlackBerry AtHoc

Between Covid and weather-related disasters, there has never been a greater need to track employee health and safety than today. Companies around the world are experiencing severe staff shortages, which means that each employee is much more critical to operations than ever before. This adds to the natural desire to care for our people.

BlackBerry AtHoc provides a mechanism for management to notify and track employees at risk and provide assistance as needed to those employees to keep them safe.

This tool could be applied to both commercial and government facilities, such as schools, to address the risks arising from demonstrations or school shootings to better coordinate protection efforts.

I believe that all companies should use a product like AtHoc in these difficult times, both to secure their workforce and because it is the right thing to do. Employees tend to reward loyalty with loyalty, and making the effort to keep them safe should pay huge dividends.

Rob Enderle Tech Product of the Year

Omniverse and Earth 2

Compassion for people would normally make AtHoc my product of the year given the difficulties we face, but solving much of the problem that puts these people at risk requires a comprehensive solution. The Earth 2 effort that is based on the Nvidia Omniverse is such an effort.

If we can mitigate the general threat to our planet, then our need for a product like AtHoc would not be so immediate. Therefore, I choose Nvidia Omniverse because of their Earth 2 effort. It highlights the potential of the metaverse, which is clearly a 2022 thing, to materially improve the world around us and remove much of the threat to humans that currently exists. .

For these reasons, the Nvidia Omniverse when it comes to making Earth 2 is my Product of the Year.

I’ll talk to you in 2022. Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

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