Tesla holiday software update released, brings Light Show feature to all EVs

Tesla is currently rolling out the ‘vacation’ software update for its electric vehicles (EVs). The company is known for some fun features for its annual vacation update. This year is no less, with the company adding a host of new features including dark mode, benchmarks, TikTok integration, and more. Also Read: Government Explains Why There Are More Electric Vehicles On India’s Roads This Year

One of the main features that the 2021 Holiday Update (version 2021.44.25) brings is the integration of TikTok in the Tesla Theater. Apart from this, the update also brings a dark mode for your screen, new games, some simplified controls, and more. Also read: Forget electric scooters! You can carry this electric vehicle in your bag and take it to work

To recall, Tesla introduced the Light Show feature for its Model X in 2015. Now, with this update, the company has brought this feature to more models. After the update, users can access the feature by tapping on the Toybox icon. After enabling the Light Show function, the EV will perform a dance with a choreographed light show at any time of the year. Also Read: Tesla Removed Its Car Faster From Its Official Website – Here’s Why

The customizable application launcher will now allow Tesla owners to customize the menu bar within infotainment systems. Additionally, the update also brings a change to the infotainment display, which will now focus more on navigation, media, and other common primary controls. Now, Tesla owners will also be able to edit waypoints during a trip.

The Blind Spot Camera will now allow users to view the live camera feed of their blind spots whenever a turn signal is activated. New additions to the game include “Sonic The Hedgehog” and “The Battle of Polytopia.”

Other features that the update has brought include cold weather improvements, which allow owners to precondition the cabin from within the Tesla app. The first row seat heaters can now automatically regulate the seat temperature and the climate control function can adjust the temperature accordingly based on the cabin environment. Owners can now also directly delete dashcam video clips from the touchscreen.

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