Telegram Update Lets Up to 1,000 People Join a Video Call

Telegram released An update to allow up to 1,000 people to join a group video call at a time, and it doesn’t seem inclined to stop increasing the maximum number of participants anytime soon.

“We will continue to increase this limit until all humans on Earth can join a group call and watch us sing in celebration (coming soon),” the company said, though it seemed content to keep the maximum of 30 stations it set when it added the group video. . calls to service in June.

Numerous video-related changes, such as the ability to control playback speed, share links to particular timestamps, and continue to play audio from the device used to record a video, also came with the update. It also increased the maximum resolution of video messages.

The update also introduced screen sharing for individual calls and introduced the ability to capture device audio while screen sharing. In all, these changes make video-related content a much more prominent aspect of the messaging platform than previously focused on text.

Telegram said the latest update also introduced the ability for messages to be automatically deleted after a month, added a password recovery option that is not dependent on an email account, and made numerous changes to its apps for Android and iOS devices. .

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