Succession season 3, episode 8 cliffhanger: What happened to Kendall?

Jeremy Strong is adrift as Succession’s tortured heir, Kendall Roy.

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People gathered under glorious sunshine to make their loved ones as miserable as possible … who doesn’t love a wedding? HBO’s succession has always been a study in the misery of the rich, and the penultimate episode of season 3 spares no one in its bleak juxtaposition of untold opulence and excruciating emotional agony, including one of the show’s main characters in a suspense. fascinating that has viewers nervous before Sunday. final.

With Kendall and Logan’s lengthy father-son showdown, Episode 8, titled Chiantishire, is now airing on HBO Max. Spoilers ahead!

Spoiler alert

A fight for a knife in the mud

Life is a number on paper. It’s a fight over a knife in the mud. That is the Logan Roy philosophy, transmitted to every house in the United States.

Logan had a difficult life, born in a working-class environment, estranged from his mother, and abused by his uncle. He had to get out of the harsh circumstances. But wealth and success have not lightened or brightened it. They have only hardened their view of the world. Still carved from granite, it is baked into an aggressively misanthropic view of the world and the people who inhabit it.

The problem is, Logan imposes his toxic worldview on the world. Through his media operation, he poisons the global discourse with this assertion that life is a fight, that other people will screw you up and you have to screw them first. You think you know how the world works. But he would also rather poison his grandson than show his son even a hint of conciliation. For Kendall, it’s evil.

Kendall’s total disinheritance

Head shaven and dressed in soft earth tones (but still wearing his medallion), a brooding Kendall is the ghost of the banquet. Except he’s increasingly haunted by the boy who died at Shiv’s wedding, now the subject of renewed press scrutiny and, furthermore, an opportunity for Logan to twist the knife.

Amid the beautiful scenery, Kendall has never been so unhappy. He and his elite companions have all the luxuries and privileges they could wish for, and it’s not what they need. Wealth is simply a weapon to be wielded, a reinforcement for an arrogant sense of superiority that doesn’t match your all-too-human insecurities.

At the end of the episode, Kendall is face down in a pool, presumably drunk … and also possibly dead? As the camera swims below him and his beer bottle gently sways in the depths of the luxurious pool, some onlookers interpreted this to mean that Kendall may have drowned. I admit that on the first look I rewound these final moments a couple of times, but that was to convince me that he surely couldn’t be dead. For me, Succession is not the type of show that deals with something as melodramatic as suspense here.

The scene seems more of a symbolism to me, Kendall adrift at one point remembering Logan’s cruel mockery of a dead child “sucking water.” And he is basically the main character! Losing Jeremy Strong’s intense performance as the lynchpin of the show would surely deflate the planned season 4.

And yet it is also a cruel spectacle. What could be more cruel than Kendall’s death, tasteless and senseless without a resolution between him and his father? They had their showdown, but it only made it clear to Kendall that their entire crusade has been in vain.

Meanwhile, off-screen, the timing curiously lines up with a glorious, biting Strong’s New York Profile, in which creator Jesse Armstrong and his fellow Strong actors are delightfully candid about their colleague’s histrionic acting techniques. Certainly, people speak before the final.

Harriet Walter returns as a somewhat more submissive Lady Caroline, struck by fear of macaroni and memorials.

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What happens in sex vegas

The episode begins with Shiv in his commodes at home as big trouble passes. But Roman’s continued disdain prompts her, not to mention a candid conversation with Lady Caroline. Ducking from the bachelorette party (presumably she didn’t dare to call it proper Britishism, a “hen do”), Shiv’s mother displays a vulnerability and honesty rarely seen in the Roy clan.

But even when his mother vulnerablely tries to undo Shiv’s buttons, a Roy can only take that as pressing harder on the button in question. Lady Caroline mentions that her mother was turning in her grave, evoking a line of generations of cold mothers. And as Shiv rushes to start a family, she is another dysfunctional expectant mother planting the seed of another generation. God help poor children.

Not to mention Tom, who’s feeling a bit raw after a night of spicy pillow talk and lost in the realm of emotional cruelty.


The episode’s title, Chiantishire, is a nickname for a part of picturesque Tuscany in Italy, popular with posh Britons (Chianti is a local wine and -shire is a common name for an English county). This is the picturesque setting for Lady Caroline Collingwood’s lavish wedding to slime badger Peter Munion. But fans hoping for a more brutal tongue attack from the scathing Lady Caroline will be disappointed, as even the scathing aristocrat is mortified by Logan’s petty enmity with Kendall.

Meanwhile, the middle-class bridezilla and serially bankrupt Munion is a cheeky social climber who earns Logan’s favor. He’s also in the nursing home business, which is an eye-opening detail. The UK care sector has been plunged into crisis by the double whammy of COVID and Brexit. Of course, such a man wants to stick his nose in the government channel.

I feel lucky

“Going to Macau. I feel lucky.” These five words throw the garden party into a spiral of confusion as eccentric tech hotshot Lucas Mattson throws out scattered tweets. These bizarre social media posts are reminiscent of Tesla founder Elon Musk and his often combative stream of consciousness online.

Are you a visionary businessman who cunningly exploits modern technology to advance his position, or is he just an idiot? LOL, as if those things were different.

But Mattson is also desperately unhappy. He sleeps miserably on the floor until he can properly research the best possible mattress. It seems that being extremely online can be as isolated and terrifying as being extremely wealthy.

But as we move toward the end of next week, Mattson drops a growth bomb under the deal. Now the higher ups realize that in order for WayStar to survive, they may face a bloodbath in the boardroom.

Kendall is dead? Can Logan and Mattson save WayStar? Shiv knife to Roman? It will all be revealed (more or less, probably) in this week’s season finale. Season 3, Episode 9: All the Bells Say, airs Sunday, December 12.

Successive thoughts

  • Just as the press sniffs out Willa’s past, Connor proposes to the woman he met when he was an escort. What a beautiful moment. Aaa and she will think about it.
  • Can you believe we met Greg getting high and vomiting in a theme park animal costume? That boy wouldn’t know what to do with Comfrey, but now he’s looking past her at a Contessa on the next rung on the dating ladder.
  • Roman may have finally screwed up Gerri, and not in the way he’s been craving. Which gives Shiv a chance, even if it means coldly ignoring the brotherhood.

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