Sharehub App Is Changing the Way People Learn and Invest

If you’ve watched Billions or Industry on HBO and wondered how I can become Axelrod, wonder no more as there is an app that can help you learn and invest in the stock market.

ShareHub is a new Android Y Web Application developed to enhance financial literacy and create interest in the stock market. The cloud-powered platform is a portal for users to gain knowledge and practice investing in the stock market.

Stock markets are financial markets that bring buyers and sellers together to trade stocks, bonds, currencies, and other financial instruments.

The ShareHub portal has three components ranging from Playing Y learning to invest. For now, the application has the two previous components live; the investment component will be implemented soon.

The application is quite intuitive with features already presented on the first screen. You have access to the three main components: Play, Learn Y Invest.

Below the components are related icons: the icons for the active components in Play and Learn are as follows. Jikuze Quizzes, Wazito Shares Challenge, Market news, Y Market information.

ShareHub App Market Information
ShareHub App Market Information

More details can be accessed by clicking on the hamburger menu in the upper left.

ShareHub Menu
ShareHub Menu

The play component is based on learning through play with the Jikuze Quizzes Y Wazito Shares Challenge.

The games promise to develop and sharpen your trading expertise – a great way to gain the skills you need, take the big step to go live, and really invest in the NSE.

The learning component also helps build confidence to start investing. With market news giving you information to help you decide which stocks to buy or sell. Market information includes the stock prices, changes, trade volume, list of companies and how they are running.

ShareHub Virtual Market Information
ShareHub Virtual Market Information

The application can be downloaded for free at the Google play store, so go ahead and check it out.

To start playing, you must first learn or update your investment knowledge with the quizzes; by the way, they are free to play. You can also earn tokens with the quizzes for the challenge of other games.

The questions are organized in levels with 5 questions per level and 10 points per question for a total score of 100%. The questions are random and different each time, so you can take the questionnaire as many times as you want. You can re-ask the questions that were wrong.

you get 10 ShareHub Tokens for each correct question answered.

ShareHub Learn

These tokens can be redeemed for use in the virtual stock market game, the Wazito Shares Challenge.

There are interesting questions revolving around financial market lingo that is useful in Wazito Shares Challenge, which is a stock market simulator game. It is a virtual stock market with virtual companies from various sectors. The game simulates the market by providing opinion pieces and press releases that trigger market reactions and stock price changes.

Triggers are randomized But news alerts and press releases will be displayed in the notification center within the app.

Players can use that information to make buying and selling decisions.

The game will follow the rules of supply and demand.

The virtual stock market has 45 companies spread across various sectors including: sure, Consumer goods, construction, banking, transport, investment, Energy Y telecommunication.

There are three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Beginner gives you access to 15 companies in the simulated stock market, intermediary Y advanced gives you 30 and 45 companies respectively.

The games are set up monthly and you need to grow your beginner portfolio to 10% to advance to the next level. You will be notified if it has been successful. You can buy more virtual ShareHub tokens to increase your trading capital in the game.

The intermediate level gives you access to various corporate actions such as dividends Y IPO. At this level, you must grow your portfolio fifteen% for two consecutive months to move to the next level.

To start playing the Wazito Shares Challenge, load your ShareHub wallet with Ksh 100 Arrive 10,000 ShareHub virtual currency.

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You will use virtual funds to buy stocks on the virtual market and grow your portfolio. The intermediate level has 20,000 ShareHub virtual tokens and the advanced level has 30,000 ShareHub virtual funds to invest.

The board classification The position will be displayed on the game board and the best players with the top 3 places in each level will win the prize money provided by the ShareHub nominees.

The advanced level brings even more corporate actions like divisions, bonus issues, rights issues, scrip dividends Y bond issues. You will know the benefits of these corporate actions as a shareholder.

The ShareHub app also has a cool referral option so you can invite your friends and get rewarded.

The portal is a useful platform to help college students, young or mature professionals, and beginning traders who want to gain knowledge about the stock market. It is a virtual market, a fun and low risk format to learn before becoming a real time investment.

This is just the beginning, as in addition to adding the real-time investing component, there are plans to introduce other virtual stock market challenges based on the regional and global stock markets. The skills you acquire become necessary as you progress through the levels, and in fact, you can use them to invest in the NSE or other global stock exchanges.

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The ShareHub app is all about making information accessible and easy to understand, especially if you want to try investing but find it confusing to track trends and follow market information.

The ShareHub app will take you on a journey through the stock market and give you the skills and confidence to start investing.

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