Samsung Picked the Most Random Comment to Promote Galaxy Z Fold 3

As part of the campaign to get you to reserve a Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung has posted a commercial on various social networks asking, “Are you ready for this life?” I hadn’t actually seen the video version of the ad until today, but what made me find it was after I was browsing your booking page Fold 3 and noticed the weird quote they’re using as a way to promote it.

The quote that caught my eye says: ‚ÄúThis is the worst phone I have ever owned. People are always teasing me about it. “That’s a sneaky way to promote your next phone, right? Basically, the idea here is that the Fold 3 will be so awesome that you’ll hate all the attention it gives you.

In that reservation pageSamsung names the reddit user who said that specific quote, and wanting to see if it was real, I went looking. It turns out that “flamo-damo” is indeed a real user and has already used Galaxy Fold subreddits to chat with Fold fans.

While I appreciate that Samsung actually looked up a real reddit user and asked for permission to use their post as a quote, I found it interesting that it was so random. What I mean is that the original post was of someone asking people to discourage them from buying the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The thread has a handful of upvotes and around 100 responses. User flamo-damo answered in that thread and I got a single upvote, as if no one really paid much attention to the answer. No one answered them either.

Samsung, with its marketing team as smart as ever, found that random, one-vote, unanswered comment buried deep in that thread and has now turned it into a full launch promo for people to sign up to pre-order the Galaxy. Z Fold 3. It’s pretty smart too.

Marketing folks, I love the way your brain works.

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