Samsung Launches Three New Galaxy Book Laptops

Ahead of the holiday season and in concert with the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 11, Samsung has just announced a significant update to its Galaxy Book Laptops, all running on Windows 11. Today, the Galaxy Book ($ 749.99 +), Galaxy Book Odyssey ($ 1399.99 +), and Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G ($ 1399.99 +) are heading to the next level.

Of the three, the new Galaxy Book Odyssey (pictured above) is the most interesting because it has the highest performance for weight. Technically, it should work like an entry-level gaming laptop, but still look like a typical 15.6-inch thin (18mm) and light (4.08lbs) premium computer.

Corporate users would get a very powerful and boardroom-friendly chassis system with no RGB light everywhere. However, such a computer could power complex scientific applications, along with excellent entertainment during a business trip. There are many ports, including a microSD reader (the best would have been full SD).

Creative professionals doing heavy video editing or photo shoots may be interested in all 6 cores Core i7-11600H CPU and GeForce RTX 3050 Ti graphics processor and 1 TB of storage. For me, the maximum RAM capacity of 32GB is also what makes it “creative-friendly” for people who work with large data sets.

1635199473 53 Samsung Launches Three New Galaxy Book Laptops

the Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G It is an ultra-light (2.43 Lbs), ultra-thin (11.43 mm), ultra-connected (5G) multimedia convertible notebook, equipped with an excellent AMOLED screen that is compatible with the Samsung S Pen.

This laptop is not designed for high performance, rather it is focused on comfort of use. It is designed to maximize your movie watching, browsing or drawing experience if you have light computing needs. As a result, you can configure it with a Core i7-1165G7, 16GB, and 512GB of storage.

1635199473 589 Samsung Launches Three New Galaxy Book Laptops

The basics Galaxy Book it’s more about achieving a good quality-affordability ratio. The overall build is pretty decent, but it’s neither very thin (15.5mm) nor light (3.51lbs). Users may be drawn to its nice design and the Samsung brand, but there is quite a bit of competition in that market segment.

We’ll see what the final specs of the Galaxy Book are, but Samsung mentions a “dedicated graphics card” and a 15.6-inch FHD touchscreen, so that sounds like a decent baseline.

To update: Samsung sent us the specifications in the following table:

1635199473 54 Samsung Launches Three New Galaxy Book Laptops

The Galaxy Book should be available today at, and the Galaxy Book Odyssey will also arrive at, Amazon,, MicroCenter, and NewEgg on November 11.

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