Russia conducts another test launch of Zircon hypersonic missile

The objective control data of the hypersonic missile flight showed that the test flight corresponded to the respective parameters. Credit: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Russian military has carried out another test firing of the hypersonic cruise missile Zircon from the waters of the White Sea.

Zircon belongs to a new generation of weapon systems in the Russian inventory. It is designed to navigate at more than five times the speed of sound.

The missile test was carried out by the crew of the Northern Fleet Admiral Gorshkov’s frigate of the White Sea.

It reached the marine objective located 400 km at sea.

According to the target control data, the flight of the hypersonic missile “corresponded to the respective parameters.”

Northern Fleet forces, including surface ships and naval aviation, ensured that the firing area was closed.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has announced that the missile launch will be a success.

The event follows Zircon’s test firing on November 18 at a naval target position.

Last month, the crew of the Russian Navy’s Yasen-class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine ‘Severodvinsk’ successfully launched the Zircon missile.

This was Zircon’s second test launch and the rocket’s flight speed in this test was over Mach 8.

The Zircon hypersonic cruiser is designed to be deployed on surface ships. Hypersonic missiles are advanced long-range weapons that are difficult to identify and intercept.

The Admiral Gorshkov frigate can attack land and coastal targets at more than 1,5 thousand kilometers.

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