Role of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in IoT Industry


In today’s fast-paced world, one cannot take a break and breathe for a moment. It blinks it; You miss him. Technology evolves day by day. From the invention of the first computer in 1943 called ENIAC to the manufacture of IoT devices and automated robots based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, humans have never looked back. With evolving technology, It’s critical to keep updating yourself and your organization. Especially when your organization depends on the latest innovations.

In the last decade, an industry that has grown enormously is IoT. Internet of things is still new to some. Industries have been generating various types of devices over the years, making human life easier. Such as computers, air conditioners, mobile phones, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

However, in recent years, with the help of new technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, devices have become smarter and faster to facilitate our daily lives.

What is it Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML)?

Before talking about how AI and ML play an important role in the IoT industry, we need to know what AI and ML are.

Machine learning (ML) is a data analysis practice that helps automate the process. It is an idea that learns from existing data and patterns and makes decisions on behalf of humans or with minimal human interference.

Compared, Artificial intelligence (AI) is a comprehensive version of speech recognition, natural language processing, image recognition, and machine learning. In a way ML is a branch of AI where ML stands for learning things, processing and AI are applied to learn and build an artificial brain of the system.

The combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Today’s world is adapting machine learning and artificial intelligence rapidly and the IoT helps organizations capture their data from multiple sources. With the combination of AI and ML, the IoT industries are seeing a tremendous amount of potential in growth.

The two emerging technologies can be useful to both ordinary people and specialists. While, on the one hand, IoT makes devices interact with the internet, AI makes devices learn from data and patterns.

AI can do smart jobs like language translation, decision making, speech recognition and many more without any human intervention. While IoT manufactures interconnected devices and makes them communicate through a network.

IoT devices have made our lives so comfortable with advanced technology. With the help of web connectivity, the devices generate a huge amount of user information that can be used to know the behavior, patterns, preferences, habits, personal details of the user, etc. At the same time, many IoT companies have no idea how much data they can produce that could be useful for the growth of their organizations.

Where the IoT devices would produce the data, ML and AI can respectively analyze and evaluate the data and make use of it. In a way, AI and ML can be pioneers in initiating growth in the evolution of IoT.

Advanced benefits for businesses

When AI as a technology was emerging, it was only capable of managing some categories of tasks, as it was not associated with the IoT and the lack of data to process it and act intelligently. The lack of extensibility and the need for human intervention got AI nowhere. However, the controversial study and advanced technology led AI to the concept of IoT leading to the evolution of the IoT industry.

AI capabilities made smart machines easily execute tasks in minutes, which could otherwise take much longer. This assessment is going to change the way companies do their work.

Because the bleeding of AI and ML in IoT has brought ease, great comfort and intelligence. If your organization needs to sustain itself in this business, you must adapt AI to enhance your product portfolio. Here there are no limitations. This will bring many new concepts.

Evolution of the IoT industry

The potential changes that the evolution of the IoT industry will bring with the combination of AI and ML could be the following:

  • Comfortable user experience: Advanced sensors and artificial intelligence offer many opportunities to explore product features. Detectors can learn user preferences and change pattern values. For example, starting from their sleep cycle, smart air conditioners can turn on themselves without any human intervention.
  • Big income: The union of AI, ML and IoT can generate substantial income and returns. IoT data providers, IoT device manufacturers, and companies that provide smart sensors are already grappling with evolution and trying to get more revenue from it.
  • Minimizing expenses: Analyzing devices with the help of smart detectors, smart appliances and smart electricity meters entails costs for both businesses and households.
  • Enhanced security standards: With 24 * 7 monitoring and strict control, failures can be prevented. Therefore, this brings an increase in safety and security standards that leads to an increase in productivity. In a way, it helps reduce asset damage and loss of life.
  • New products and services: AI and ML’s association with IoT can lead to powerful new products and services. Any smart sensor embedded device and creative idea using ML and AI can lead to a successful product.

AI, ML integrated with IoT products

Some examples of AI, ML integrated with IoT products.

  • Traffic management: Traffic has been a real problem in most urban cities. There is a constant need for traffic management. Humans have been doing this work for years. However, a clever traffic management You can make things easier without chaos or confusion. Real-time traffic can be monitored by drones that keep an eye on traffic all the time and can learn from the data and predict patterns, learn from it, and make potential decisions as well.
  • Smart homes: IoT combined with AI and ML has opened N numbers of windows and a smart home is one of them. Smart homes You can have all the devices interconnected and communicating with each other. It can provide a smart and comfortable lifestyle. For example, you can remotely turn on / off devices while away from home. An automated call to the fire department can be made in the event of an emergency at home.
  • Face detection: Face detection is no longer a new technology. However, you can implement this idea in various places and make use of it. For example, to prevent rental crimes or find a missing person, track attendance, etc.
  • Body sensors: Today, new smart detectors and sensors have reached new heights in technology. For example, these sensors can help assess sugar levels, blood pressure, and alert in times of emergency. Many companies are already funding various medical sensors that can help patients monitor their health.

The integration of AI and ML with IoT is a powerful technology. It is also known as AIoT. Artificial intelligence of things. AIoT makes people’s life and lifestyle much easier and more comfortable.


The ability to collect the data and evaluate it enables them to make human-like decisions. It gives humans control over everything like their cars, appliances, health. No physical intervention, just a click away. It can also monitor the large number of people at once and provide solutions to big world problems like traffic.

AIoT has the ability to make any business smart and profitable, which can generate great revenue and returns with the help of smart buildings, robots, and various other smart devices.

The way AI has emerged as a technology, it has helped in various IT organizations, as well as monitoring their network, applications, database, server and everything that comes with it. Motadata Being such a solution, it not only monitors your organization’s assets, but also alerts you in the event of an emergency.

With the universal dashboard, every activity can be monitored at a glance. Insights can be helpful in knowing what went wrong. In the same way that there are devices that monitor the health of your body, it helps your organization monitor your health and helps you keep it running. Where AI and ML are essential for the IoT industry, you are already providing solutions for your organization with the help of AI and ML.

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