Report: WhatsApp Is Working on a New Communities Feature

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature called Communities which, based on information gleaned from the latest beta updates to the app, allows users to put together various group chats.

WABetaInfo reports that a community is “like a group chat at the moment, so it is nothing like a social network: it remains a private place between people protected by end-to-end encryption.” However, it has several features that set it apart from normal group chats, such as the use of rounded rectangles for the Community icon instead of the borders of the standard circular image.

The report indicates that each community will be operated by administrator users who can invite other WhatsApp users directly or through links that can be shared publicly. WABetaInfo says that a community will also “offer some tools to administrators to better manage all the groups included in the community but, seen [sic] As this feature is in development, these advanced tools are still unknown today. “

This is not the first indication that WhatsApp is working on something called Communities. XDA Developers found References to the feature in October when you examined lines of text in a beta version of the service’s Android app. However, the WABetaInfo report offers more information on what this feature might look like, suggesting that it is approaching an official launch.

But it’s worth remembering that WhatsApp may not introduce Communities at all; the company may be testing a feature that never reaches consumers. WhatsApp’s parent company Meta (formerly Facebook) did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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