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Qualcomm Chief Executive Cristiano Amon told analysts at a briefing in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday that technologies at the edge of cloud networks, which he called “IoT Next,” may be “more bigger than mobiles “, in particular” XR “Metaverse technologies.

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Cristiano Amon, chief executive of Qualcomm, the mobile chip powerhouse, updated investors on Tuesday on his company’s plans for 5G and the Internet of Things, arguing that the company will dominate chips for what he called “Iot Next.” the new frontier of the Internet. of things, including the metaverse.

“If you’re going to spend time in the Metaverse, Snapdragon will be your ticket to the Metaverse,” Amon said, referring to the company’s mobile application processor and modem platform.

Amon spoke at an in-person event held at Gotham Hall, a fine arts bank building near Herald Square in Manhattan.

Most of the Metaverse-style devices “you see now,” like Facebook’s Oculus Quest, are “powered by Snapdragon,” Amon said. Quest 2, he said, has sold 10 million units and “had a huge impact” on Qualcomm.

Amon displayed on the giant video screen behind him a quote from Meta co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook’s developer conference, Connect, during which Zuckerberg first introduced the Metaverse and the name change of the company to Meta.

“We have been working on this with Qualcomm for years,” Zuckerberg said at the appointment,

And Quest 2 is the first major consumer device to run on the Snapdragon XR2 platform. It is fully customized for VR and AR with support for multiple cameras and technology like fixed foveated rendering. The end result is a more immersive experience with sharper graphics, more dynamic environments, and ultimately a more realistic sense of presence.

The entire “XR” category, including AR and VR, can be “bigger than mobile,” Amon said.

In addition to the Metaverse, Amon spoke about the industrial and consumer aspects of what he called IoT Next. One such consumer aspect is the “transformation” of the PC, Amon said. The PC is becoming more like a phone, he said, citing the need for constant cloud connectivity to run video games and collaborate.

“We are very well positioned to be the preferred PC vendor for the inevitable transition to ARM,” Amon said, referring to ARM-based CPUs that compete with CPUs from Intel and AMD. Qualcomm is working on its next-gen CPU for Snapdragon, which according to Jim Thompson, CTO of Qualcomm, will be shown in six months.

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