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Krafton Inc has filed a lawsuit against Garena, the publishers of Free Fire and Free Fire Max. As you may already know, Krafton is the developer behind the PUBG series of games. This includes PUBG: Battlegrounds for PC and console, as well as mobile games like PUBG: Mobile, PUBG; New state and battlefields Mobile India. Krafton claims that Free Fire and Fire Max Fire are a copy of PUBG and has pointed out numerous gameplay elements in Free Fire as copies of PUBG.

In its presentation (via the edge), Krafton claims that Free Fire and Free Fire Max have removed a number of gameplay elements from PUBG. Krafton notes: “Garena released Free Fire through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as an unauthorized and thinly disguised mobile version of Battlegrounds. Tellingly, according to information and belief, Garena rushed the release of Free Fire before the release of PUBG Mobile, the licensed mobile version of Battlegrounds. Garena subsequently released Free Fire Max to further capitalize on the success it experiences breaching Battlegrounds through Free Fire.”

Krafton files a lawsuit against Garena

The PUBG developer has also compared numerous features in Free Fire that it claims to have been pulled from PUBG. This includes things like tray usage, similar locations on the map, transport plane, in-game items, and more.

Garena Hall, Krafton’s lawsuit also mentions Apple, Google and YouTube. The developer alleges that Apple and Google continue to list Free Fire games on their respective app platforms. Krafton wants the app removed from both app stores. Krafton also points out that YouTube should remove videos showing Free Fire gameplay as it is copyright infringement.

Interestingly, Krafton notes that YouTube should also remove trailers for a Chinese film called Biubiubiu, a move that “blatantly undermines Battlegrounds.” The developer notes that the film features a live-action dramatization of Battlegrounds gameplay. You can see the trailer below.

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