ProMotion Now Works For Safari After macOS 12.2 Update

One of the features that Apple introduced in its new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros is ProMotion. This is basically Apple’s fancy way of saying that the laptop has a display that has a 120Hz refresh rate. However, for whatever reason, not all apps supported the 120Hz refresh rate, including Safari.

However, the good news for MacBook Pro owners using Safari is that in the latest macOS 12.2 update, Safari now supports the fastest refresh rate. This is according to various user posts on the MacRumors forum where they are noticing the improvements made to Safari, where they are seeing a much smoother scrolling experience.

To be fair, many are probably used to the regular 60Hz refresh rate, but when you pay both for a laptop and for a native app bundled with macOS to not be compatible with ProMotion, it seems a bit strange, but thankfully it wasn’t. necessary. Apple too long to tackle that.

However, keep in mind that macOS 12.2 is still in beta and is currently only available to developers. This means that if you are not part of Apple’s developer program, you will have to wait for the public beta, which we advise against using for your daily driver anyway, or the official release, which is unclear at this time. when it will happen.

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