Podcast Interview with Nicolas Brunel Executive Vice President of the Communications Business Division Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise – EnterpriseTalk

As Executive Vice President of the Communications Business Division, Nicolas Brunel leads the strategy and development of digital age communications that enable companies to collaborate effectively. Upon assuming his current role in September 2016, he began the transformation of ALE communications solutions to connect people, machines and processes and deliver business efficiency and results. Nicolas believes that by keeping the user experience at the center, business technology must become intuitive, remain secure, and reach a broad internal and external ecosystem, increasingly supported by artificial intelligence-based automation.

Nicolas is also the president of ALE International, the group’s headquarters in France. Since his appointment to this position in March 2019, he has served as a representative of the company aligning employees with the vision and priorities of ALE.

Prior to these appointments, he led the Medium, Large and Vertical Business Unit, the Office of Marketing Transformation and the global Customer Service organization, where he developed his passion for customer satisfaction.

Nicolas has vast international experience and is a dynamic public speaker. He is also a member of the leading network of entrepreneurs in France, MEDEF.

Nicolas has a master’s degree in telecommunications from SeaTech, Toulon, France.

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