Pixel 6 Users Reportedly Getting Respiratory, Heart Rate Tracking Features

Google is reportedly bringing heart rate tracking and breathing tracking features into the Pixel 6 through the Google Fit app. These features were available on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a for a while, and now Pixel 6 owners can reportedly take advantage of them too. It is said to be out of the “early access” phase, which means that a broad rollout is underway. Separately, few Pixel 6 users report the Magic Eraser tool being removed after the latest Google Photos update. Again, this seems to have affected only a few users as the update rollout was halted.

9to5Google reports that Google Pixel 6 units are now getting heart rate and breathing tracking features through the Google Fit app. The application uses the phone’s camera to measure heart and respiratory rates. Google is reportedly warning that this feature is “not for medical use” and is “being tweaked and may be removed.” The report adds that when testing the heart rate tracking feature, its results were accurate and matched those of a Fitbit tracker and Pixel 5 in a “well-lit area.” However, the reading was approximately 30 beats per minute in a darker room.

In Google Fit, Pixel 6 users can check if they received the feature by going to Explore> Vitals. The two cards will appear at the bottom of the Home tab.

Also, some Pixel 6 users reporting that the Magic Eraser tool was removed after the last update of the Google Photos app. This feature allows users to remove unwanted objects from photos. However, according to Android Central, version 5.67 of the Google Photos app has remote the useful feature for multiple Pixel 6 users. The release of this update was reportedly stopped and those who haven’t updated their Google Photos app can still use the Magic Eraser tool on their Pixel 6.

Google spokesperson, Alex Moriconi saying The Verge that the company has “identified a problem early in the launch of [its] the latest Photos update and we’ll fix it soon. “

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