Pica8 Announces Break Free Partner Program For Open Networking

Pica8, an open network software company, today announced an expanded channel partner program to recruit leading value-added resellers (VARs) in the open network ecosystem. Pica8’s new Break Free Partner Program will incentivize VARs reselling Cumulus Linux open network solutions and leading Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) such as Dell and Edgecore.

The Open Network Alternative to Cisco DNA and Catalyst for Software Switch Automation

Pica8’s AmpCon Network Controller automation software and PicOS software switches provide the industry’s open network alternative to Cisco DNA Center and Catalyst switches and competitive Arista and Juniper switch and automation hardware.

VARs who join Pica8’s Break Free Partner program will gain access to onboarding, training and certification programs to deliver the AmpCon / PicOS all-in-one switching software automation solution to lead their open network portfolios and assist customers. to break free from closed systems.

Pica8 will provide special incentives for the following partners:

  • Cumulus Linux VAR: Resell Pica8’s AmpCon / PicOS software switch automation solution to customers running Cumulus Linux who want to stay on their Broadcom-based hardware after the NVIDIA / Mellanox acquisition. Data center customers with Layer 2/3, EVPN / VXLAN virtualization, network access control (NAC), and Ansible automation and playbooks now have a direct replacement with Pica8.
  • Dell VAR: Pica8 is the only open network software solution that supports Dell’s core, aggregation and access hardware line, including the new N2200 and N3200 campus switch families. Resell Pica8’s AmpCon / PicOS software for a complete switch automation solution for enterprise campus, data center, and distributed site networks, with the same software, including VXLAN / EVPN virtualization and zero-trust network with control network access (NAC).
  • Edgecore VAR – Resell Pica8’s AmpCon / PicOS software switch automation solution on the industry’s broadest selection of multi-gig, PoE, and 1G to 100G Edgecore hardware for enterprise campuses, data centers, and distributed site networks.

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Global industry validation

“Edgecore provides and services unbundled network solutions targeted at customers seeking more flexible and cost-effective solutions to their networking needs compared to traditional network providers,” he said. Heimdall siao, President of Edgecore Networks. “Working with Pica8’s networking software built on top of Edgecore’s networking platforms, Edgecore and Pica8 together provide a broad portfolio of comprehensive, hardened, and easy-to-use networking solutions for enterprise, hub markets. data and service providers “.

“We have welcomed Pica8 as one of our partners to support the Linux networking community with our STORDIS # Back2Open Cumulus Linux replacement program,” he said. Waldemar Scheck, Managing Director of STORDIS GmbH. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Pica8 as an indispensable resource in open networks.”

“As an award-winning international IT solutions provider and network integrator, Delta Solutions works with the leading network providers,” he said. Andrey Chernyshev, CEO of Delta Solutions. “Pica8 has shown that open networks play an important role in enterprise networks by working together with industry leaders to provide a cost-effective alternative to closed systems.”

“AIC provides complete rack-level integration solutions in cloud data centers around the world,” he said. Andre Hu, Associate Vice President of Cloud Business Development for AIC Inc. “Open networks unite AIC and Pica8 to provide scalable, dynamic, automated and easy-to-operate solutions for cloud data centers with an added worry-relief benefit of the supply chain “.

“We strive to make Pica8 the premier software partner in open enterprise networks,” he said. James Liao, Founder and CEO of Pica8. “Our partner program is an important step in defining and refining the role of commercial providers in today’s open networks.”

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