Petrol station retailer EG Group opts for Rise with SAP to fuel growth

EG Group, a gas station and food retailer founded in Blackburn, is looking to enhance its operations with a move to Rise with SAP on a private SAP cloud, along with an implementation of the SuccessFactors HR system from the same vendor.

EG was co-founded as Euro Garages by brothers Mohsin Issa and Zuber Issa in 2001. It owns and operates more than 6,200 service stations in 10 international markets in Europe, the United States and Australia, with around 50,000 employees. It has 62 active retail brands on its sites, including supermarkets and food outlets.

In a joint statement, the brothers said: “We have engaged SAP to provide a powerful cloud-based platform that will help drive transformation, automate business processes, enable our teams to be successful, and most importantly , further improve decision making. “

SAP launched Rise’s “business transformation as a service” package in January 2021. It is a subscription service that bundles managed cloud infrastructure and managed services under one contract, and is based on the provider’s flagship. S / 4 Hana enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, based on its high-speed database Hana.

According to a statement from SAP, the move to Rise will give the retailer a “single, agile digital core platform” to help it scale its dynamic business and “a universal ERP template for incorporating acquisitions,” allowing EG Group to remain agile. and sensitive to the needs of businesses and consumers.

“This new central platform will provide information on the financial reports of all your businesses that use SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Group Reporting ”, he added.

EG, through the acquisition, acquired many different ERP systems in different countries in different versions and templates. Their list of acquisitions is long, including Asda and the Lion fast food chain in the UK and Esso in Germany. He also bought the KFC’s largest franchisee in March 2020.

This, according to the statement, has created “challenges in obtaining real-time data and visibility for making business decisions,” but “SAP will help eliminate this complexity and provide EG Group with consistent data in real time.”

In an interview with Computer Weekly, Scott Russell, the SAP executive board member who directs its clients’ success activities globally, said of the EG Group deal: “They are transforming with Rise, but also with the SuccessFactors support to support your gas station sites around the world. world.

“It’s about transforming financial and HR systems into silos with a global platform that can then bring them reach, efficiency and agility. There is a lot of emphasis on data that allows them to make quick decisions. “

Graham Billsborough, CIO of EG Group, said: “The partnership with SAP has already enabled EG Group to realize benefits in functions such as finance, IT, human resources, learning and development. By extending the strategic partnership and working even more closely with SAP, the intention is to design and build a more complete technology solution to be used as a unified global platform.

“Our ambition is to simplify the current landscape of the SAP system, through Rise, achieving new business capabilities through digital innovation.”

To the supplier, Rohit Nagarajan, President for Europe, Middle East and North Africa at SAP, added: “We are incredibly proud of the established relationship we have with EG Group and this next phase of the growth and transformation of the company is truly exciting. He passed.

“Not only because of our partnership and what we want to achieve together, but also because of the way EG Group’s move to the cloud with Rise with SAP and S / 4Hana will create the necessary foundation to accelerate growth.”

In the statement, both parties said they would collaborate “to make a difference in [EG’s] wider communities, through learning and development and the establishment of a center of excellence that will seek to employ and train talent from the local community and become certified with SAP accreditation at the end of the training.

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