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5G Innovation Initiative Gets More Funding

After an overwhelming number of applications for round 1 of the 5G Innovation Initiative, which caused the Australian federal government to double the value of funds for the first round, the government has announced another $ 20 million to fund round 2 .

The government has also set aside $ 2 million that will go specifically to projects in the eight Western Sydney council areas that are part of the Western Sydney City Deal.

The government has yet to open the second round of applications and specify the details, but successful applicants will develop and test 5G applications, services and products to demonstrate the business incentive for companies to adopt 5G solutions. Round 1 featured grants of $ 100,000 to $ 2 million and 19 projects were selected to be developed over a 12-month period in many sectors, including agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and education and training.

Consultation on the draft guidelines is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

NextDC Announces Edge Data Center Network

NextDC has announced plans to build an edge data center network with the first, SC1, to be located in Maroochydore in Queensland. Edge data centers are smaller facilities located closer to end users than public cloud facilities and provide lower latency to users.

The Queensland facility has been acquired by NextDC and was previously owned and operated by the Sunshine Coast Council and provides co-location and connectivity to Brisbane and the northeastern parts of Australia. The facility was built specifically for the landing station of the 7000 km Japan-Guam-Australia South (JGA South) submarine cable.

The facility is the first landing site on the East Coast for a cable broadband network outside of Sydney.

The Queensland government telecommunications organization QCN Fiber, a joint venture of Powerlink Queensland and Energy Queensland, will help NEXTDC’s data centers in Brisbane, B1 and B2, connect the JGA South cable.

5G Low Band Spectrum Auction Results

The 5G 850/900 MHz band auction has ended, with Optus acquiring 12 lots of spectrum for $ 1.4 billion and Telstra acquiring four lots for $ 615 million.

Of the 12 lots purchased by Optus, two had been booked for a predetermined price and two 1MHz lots were automatically assigned to Optus as the winner of the lower 900MHz lots.

In August, the Australian government set limits on the amount of low-band spectrum (850MHz and 900MHz bands) that mobile network operators could purchase at Australia’s upcoming 5G spectrum auction, preventing bidders from owning more than 40%. of the spectrum for populated regions and 45% for less populated areas. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) had also received instructions from set aside 10 MHz of spectrum for Optus and TPG Telecom in the frequency ranges of 895 MHz to 915 MHz and 940 MHz to 960 MHz

Licenses acquired on December 6 will take effect on July 1, 2024 for a 20-year period ending in 2044. ACMA said winning bidders may have the opportunity to gain early access to spectrum in special circumstances before they start. licenses.

Coles hires 70 digital professionals

The Coles supermarket chain has announced plans to hire 70 professionals with skills in software engineering, user experience and user interface design, analysis, management and product delivery, to help drive digital transformation in its commerce business. electronic.

The roles are in the Coles Melbourne store support center, but the organization is encouraging professionals across the country to apply.

Monash University Opens Learning Analytics Center

Melbourne-based Monash University has launched the Center for Learning Analytics at Monash (Colam) creating a hub to train students, practitioners and leaders in analytics.

The center will focus on four areas: research; innovation; Education and training. Colam will focus on the development of learning analytics technology, improve understanding of human learning and education at different educational levels, and offer new educational opportunities in different organizations and age groups.

The center has researchers already working on projects to help adapt to post-pandemic needs, such as supporting the development of schools with data intelligence, the use of artificial intelligence to develop skills for teamwork and collaboration, studying the impacts of COVID-19 on teaching practice, and observing opportunities for virtual internships.

New South Wales opens telecommunications operations center for wildfires and floods

A telecommunications operations center was opened in New South Wales (NSW) to support critical communications during wildfires and floods. The center will be managed by the Telecommunications Emergency Management Unit of the Telecommunications Authority of New South Wales (TEMU).

The center will be used to monitor, collect information, analyze data, and geospatial mapping to provide real-time information on potential impacts to telecommunications infrastructure for emergency services organizations, including cell towers and network sites. public safety.

Optus and Trobe University Announce 5G Lab

Optus and La Trobe University have extended their existing five-year partnership for another five years and announced the 5G Ideation Lab, a physical facility connected to Optus’ 5G network for hands-on research and innovation on the application of 5G across all industries and backed by a $ 6.8 million joint venture.

The goal of the lab is to accelerate the digitization of healthcare.

One of the association’s existing projects is the focus on cyber skills. Optus Enterprise and La Trobe University received a Cyber ​​Skills Grant valued at $ 2.3 million in June 2021 from the Federal Government of Australia. The project will create career-ready professionals through industry placements and work experience programs, in addition to raising awareness of cybersecurity skills and training opportunities for high school students. Other organizations that are part of the program include Cisco, Quantum Victoria, Wiley, Practera, GHD, and War on Wasted Talent.

Optus Enterprise will also provide updates to the La Trobe University network, cloud infrastructure and contact.

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