ONS data points to rise in UK tech employment for women

New employment data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that professional women accounted for the majority of professionals placed in the labor market between July and September 2021.

According to the report, some 58,000 jobs were created in the information and communication category during the period, of which 41,000 (71%) of the professionals placed were women.

Technology was the third most important sector in terms of job creation for women, ONS data suggests, and is the third fastest sector for job growth in the UK overall.

Commenting on the gender angle of the employment data, Bev White, CEO of recruiting and technology firm Harvey Nash, said there appears to be an increase in the number of women working in the tech sector.

“We have seen almost 150,000 jobs created for women in UK tech over the last two years. If this trend continues, we could start to see a real movement in the gender imbalance that has been around for a long time in technology, ”she said.

“Although it is early, the hybrid work model seems to be suitable for women, and I hope that the greater flexibility it provides will help more women to prosper in their careers,” added White.

More women have been seeking opportunities in the tech job market. WISE research published in October has found that women are more likely to have retrained for a tech role than men. The campaign to encourage more women to careers in science, technology and engineering found that 15% of surveyed women had retrained for their technology roles, compared to just 7% of men.

More than 2.2 million people in the UK started a new job between July and September, according to the ONS. Additionally, there were 1.17 million job vacancies in October, nearly 400,000 more than before Covid-19 appeared.

Regarding employment in technology as a whole, the executive noted that the sector has made a significant contribution to the bigger picture. According to the ONS, UK employers added 160,000 more workers to their payrolls in October, a record as companies continue to grapple with worker shortages.

“It’s great to see the tech sector once again being one of the most important sources of job creation in the UK. This is not surprising given today’s huge demand for digitization and transformation, ”White said.

The number of organizations planning to boost their technology investments and hire new staff has reached record levels, according to a Harvey Nash survey released earlier this month.

However, the company’s digital leadership report warns that investment plans could be undermined by staffing shortages, as tech leaders reported difficulties hiring cyber security specialists, data analysts, technical architects and developers.

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