OnePlus Nord CE allegedly explodes again, user claims “I could have died”

OnePlus is in trouble again. Lately, the company has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, especially for its Nord series. In the recent past, there have been several incidents where the OnePlus Nord 2 exploded while in use. Now, it’s the OnePlus Nord CE, which allegedly exploded while the user was “pulling it out of his pocket.” Dushyant Goswami bought OnePlus Nord CE about six months ago. Also read: OnePlus 10 Pro launch is just a few days away, and OnePlus can’t stop talking about it

Goswami took to social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to report the incident. The posts have now been removed and the user claims that the OnePlus team has promised to send him a new unit. “Thank you all for the support. Yesterday at 8 pm, the Oneplus team called me and promised that they would send a new unit by Tuesday,” mentions the Twitter post (now deleted). Also Read: Pete Lau Confirms OnePlus 10 Pro Specifications, And They Look Quite Interesting

The company has not released any official statement about the incident or the reason for the explosion. Also Read: OnePlus 10 Pro Specs Leaked After Design Reveal – Take a Look

oneplus nord ce

Reporting the incident on Twitter (post removed), Goswami stated: “I have a very popular ONEPLUS brand phone that promises the best quality. My phone is only 6 months old and it literally exploded yesterday, while I was pulling it out of my pocket. It is not only bad, but fatal. Will the brand be responsible for the accident?

Along with the post, Goswami shared photos of his burned-out OnePlus Nord CE, which looked completely damaged from both the front and the back. The battery, screen and camera were totally damaged.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the OnePlus Nord phone exploding. Previously, various users in India and abroad reported the OnePlus Nord 2 explosion. So far, the company has not revealed specific details about why these explosions are happening.

Notably, this is also the first time that the Chinese smartphone maker has promised to offer a new unit in exchange for an exploited phone.

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