Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada looking to fund new privacy projects

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) is looking to fund projects related to privacy issues.

This year’s funding target revolves around projects that assess who is affected by privacy risks, barriers and inequalities, and how.

All issues addressed in the proposals must fall within the scope of Law on Protection of Personal Information and Electronic Documents (PIPEDA). The law describes the rules on how organizations can collect and use people’s information.

Applicants are also encouraged to check past projects to build on work already done.

The funds will come from your Contribution Program. Funding goes to privacy research and knowledge transition initiatives.

The last day to submit proposals is February 9, 2022. Projects must be completed within one year (some exceptions apply). A conference will be held in January to share more information and applicants to ask any questions. Details will be provided next month.

Image Credit: OPC

Fountain: OPC

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