Nvidia jumps into Zero Trust

Nvidia has announced a Zero Trust platform built around its BlueField data processing units and Nvidia software.

Zero Trust is an architecture that verifies every user and device that attempts to access the network and enforces strict access control and identity management that limits authorized users to access only the resources they need to do their job.

“You can’t just trust the firewall on the outside, you have to assume that any application or any user inside your data center is a bad actor,” said Manuvir Das, head of business informatics at Nvidia. “Zero Trust basically refers to the fact that no application or user can be trusted because there are bad actors.”

Nvidia announced a Zero Trust platform that combines its BlueField data processing units (DPUs), which it inherited from the Mellanox acquisition, DOCA software development kits for BlueField, and Nvidia’s Morpheus security artificial intelligence framework.

DPUs are designed to offload tasks from server CPUs, freeing up CPUs to do processing work. The DPU can handle tasks such as validating users and isolating applications from the infrastructure.

DOCA is the SDK for programming DPUs to do all of those things, while Morpheus is an open application framework for developing AI-optimized pipelines to filter, process, and classify large volumes of data in real time. DOCA and Morpheus work together for Zero Trust networks.

Nvidia is updating DOCA to version 1.2 to support features such as hardware and software authentication, hardware accelerated line rate data cryptography, distributed firewall support, and policy enforcement.

DOCA monitors the data to establish a normal traffic baseline to detect anomalies that could represent attempted attacks. “So you can learn and build role models for good behavior. And then every time you see a deviation from that, it is flagged as problematic, ”Das said.

However, “It is not our intention to be a direct provider of cybersecurity solutions. That’s not what we do, “he said.” We have built the platform for cybersecurity companies to integrate into their solutions. “

Juniper Networks is the first cybersecurity vendor to announce that it plans to adopt BlueField and DOCA.

Early Access for NVIDIA DOCA 1.2 begins November 30. Morpheus is available now.

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