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The Nashville Predators are the latest NHL team to enter the world of non-expendable chips. In general, sports in general are important bet with bitcoin And the NHL is no exception to that rule.

NFTs are a derivative of the decentralized cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. They are crypto assets that exist on the blockchain. Like Bitcoin, they can be bought and bought or traded.

In the sports world, NFTs are becoming the digital version of the traditional sports collectible, the trading card. Teams and even players are creating and broadcasting NFTs to forge an additional bond with their fan base.

The Predators, in association with leading digital collectible creator Fanaply, released their first NFT series on July 20.

Origin series

Nashville’s limited series of 25 NFTs is titled The Origin Series and celebrates the franchise’s early years. “Our fans have been asking us to get into the digital collectibles realm for quite some time, so we’re excited to do so by going back to the early days of the franchise with ‘The Origins Series.” Predators chief marketing officer Bill Wickett told NHL.com.

The highlight of the series is a one-of-a-kind “Gold Saber Skull – Genesis Edition”. It is currently available for live auction through July 30 and comes with two Lexus Lounge tickets to the Bridgestone Arena event of the buyer’s choice. There are also 25 individually numbered NFT Gold Saber Skulls available for purchase now for $ 150.

The appeal of NFTs from sports organizations is that they create unique experiences for both the issuer and the buyer. Teams and players can use them to create an ongoing connection with fans by offering events such as meetups and greetings, or discount offers that can only be obtained by those who own ownership of one of the NFTs.

“NFTs not only allow fans to commemorate incredible moments, milestones and experiences from the teams, games and communities they love, but for the first time in history, fans can have true portable digital ownership,” said the co-founder. and CEO of Fanaply, Grant Dexter. . “Our NFTs are inclusive and can be seamlessly integrated into teams’ existing sales, marketing and promotion strategies to create incremental revenue, real fan engagement, and unlock real-world and digital rewards.”

Capital idea

In early July, the 2017-18 Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals also entered the arena of the NFT. Monumental Sports and Entertainment, the group that owns the NHL Capitals and the NBA’s Washington Wizards in association with OpenSea, announced the first NFT collection to launch simultaneously for two professional sports teams in two different leagues.

Renowned illustrator Robert Generette III, known professionally as Rob Zilla III, was commissioned to create the Capitals NFT collection.

“Washington Capitals” by Winslow Townson / USA TODAY is licensed under CC BY 3.0

The capitals offer two thematic collections. The first is a celebration of the 2018 Stanley Cup championship. For the first time, fans will be able to own a digital piece of the history of the capitals that marks the 2018 Stanley Cup Championship. The capitals are honoring the championship through two Unique collectibles within this theme to commemorate the memorable season.

The first is a Capitals Stanley Cup ring. This is a one-time mintage to be sold in auction format, featuring illustrations of the 2018 Stanley Cup Championship ring. Capitals owner Ted Leonsis will also present the winner with a physical replica. of the Championship ring, which was designed by Jostens and presented to the Capitals players who won the 2018 Stanley Cup trophy. The package also includes VIP access to a Capitals open practice at MedStar Iceplex, an autographed disc, a banner of street pole from the 2018 Stanley Cup parade and a custom white jersey, the same style as the Capitals players wore during Game 5 of 2018. Stanley Cup Final.

There are also 16 minted Capitals Stanley Cup posters available for $ 499.99 each. Sixteen correspond to the 16 victories that are ultimately needed to win the Stanley Cup. The Capitals raised the banner of the 2018 Stanley Cup championship at Capital One Arena on October 3, 2018.

The second theme is the Capitals Screaming Eagle collection. The Screaming Eagle logo was first introduced and appeared on Capitals jerseys in 1995 in the blue, black and bronze color scheme. To honor the year 1995 when the Screaming Eagle jersey was introduced, fans can purchase a limited number of 95 exclusive digital Screaming Eagle jerseys.

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