Nerf Reveals High-End Replica of Halo’s Iconic Needler

Nerf has partnered with 343 Industries to create a high-end replica of the Halo Needler.

The result is the aptly named Halo Nerf LMTD stylus. “This Nerf dart blaster recreates the distinctive blaster design with flexible needles that light up when you grip the handle!” Nerf says on their product page. “Fire the darts and watch the needles darken to simulate being launched from the blaster in game. Other illuminated accents add to the exciting visual presentation.”

The Nerf LMTD Halo Needler will ship with 10 official Nerf Elite foam darts, all of which can be loaded into the spinning drum at once, and a display stand. The replica can also be set to a display mode “so you can activate all the lighting functions and place the blaster in the included stand to create an eye-catching display,” says Nerf, provided you have the necessary batteries.

Nerf says the replica will also come with “a card with a code to unlock in-game content in the Halo Infinite game,” but does not specify what exactly that content will be. (If we had to guess, we’d say that Nerf-themed masks would be an obvious possibility, especially since they wouldn’t have to be limited to the Needler.) We should find out more when the product starts shipping.

This is not the first Nerf Needler replica. The company also made Nerf MicroShots Halo Needler Launcher, which costs only $ 11, but the quality difference between the products is obvious. The Nerf MicroShots replica is a hand-loaded blaster that has no lights and only vaguely resembles the weapon in the game. The Nerf LMTD version is significantly more extravagant.

It’s priced to match, too – the Nerf LMTD Halo Needler is $ 100. Nerf is accepting pre-orders through December 31, but the company says customers won’t be charged until the product is ready to ship, which which isn’t expected until November 2022. That’s a bit late for Halo. Infinite linking, given the game’s release date of December 8, but it is.

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