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Minecraft Potions Guide: How To Create The Best Minecraft Potions?

Do you want to make a magic drink? Do you know how to create the best? Minecraft potion? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are in the right place, friend! Minecraft brewing / potion deals with a wide range of things that can be used in construction as well as destructive ways. It can increase your strength and increase your damage. This Minecraft potions guide will help you with the correct use of the brew station, diligent equipment, key ingredients for making potions, and some important mix recipes.

Minecraft Potions can be used to improve your character. Potions give temporary effects and can be the difference between success and failure. All Minecraft potions need a base ingredient first which is then enhanced by adding the second ingredient to it. This is very important in learning how to alter and improve a potion. Scroll down to find out more!

Minecraft Potions Guide

Beer brewing equipment

There are various brewing equipment that you can certainly use while brewing beer. These are:

  1. Brewing booth: A holder to hold bottles. It is used to add and combine ingredients in water bottles.
  2. Fire dust: This is the main one! The fuel used for brewing beer.
  3. Water bottle: This is the starting base for all potions, created by filling a glass bottle from a water fountain or cauldron.
  4. Boiler: It is equal to three glass bottles. It holds a bucket of water or three bottles of a single potion.
  5. Glass bottle: It is used in a water fountain to create a water bottle. It is also the container for the potion.

Minecraft Potion Brewing

As I already told you, this is done in two steps: Base and Secondary. We will discuss both in a row.

Base ingredient guide

The base ingredient is the first ingredient added to the water bottles on the brewing stand in the process. The base ingredient determines the type of potion. An example is that the base ingredient is Nether Wart- Awkard Potion Type and has no modifying effect. Some of the basic ingredients along with the type of potion each ingredient creates and the modifying effect are listed below.

  • Ingredient: Lower wart
    Potion Type: Awkward Potion
    Modifying effect: No effect
  • Ingredient: red stone powder
    Potion Type: Worldly Potion
    Modifying effect: extends the potion’s duration
  • Ingredient: luminous stone powder
    Potion type: thick potion
    Modifying effect: improves potion potion
  • Ingredient: dragon’s breath
    Potion Type: Lindering Water Bottle
    Modifying effect: explodes on impact

Secondary ingredient guide

Do you know the ingredient of the effect? The secondary ingredient is known as the effect ingredient, which shows the actual effect in the final potion. Some of the effect potions are:

  • Sugar
    Source: Sugar Cane Crafts.
    Result: Potion of Quickness.
  • Rabbit foot
    Source: Kill rabbits like a savage.
    Result: Potion of jump, increases the height of the jump.
  • Glistening melon slice
    Source: Make eight gold nuggets and a melon slice.
    Result: Healing Potion.
  • Eye of spider
    Source: Kill the spiders. They attacked you first, to be fair.
    Result: Poison potion, depletes health over time.
  • Blowfish
    Source: Fishes Outside Jungle Biomes.
    Result: Potion of Water Breathing.
  • Magma cream
    Source: Butcher Magma Cubes in The Nether.
    Result: Potion of Fire Resistance.
  • Golden carrot
    Source: Make eight gold nuggets and a carrot.
    Result: Potion of Night Vision, makes everything glow, even underwater.

How to modify a potion

The following are the ingredients to alter a potion:

  • Red stone powder
    Source: Mine Redstone Ore.
    Result: Extends the duration of the potion.
  • Shining Stone Powder
    Source: Mine Glowstone Blocks.
    Result: improve the level of the potion. Increases potency, but lasts less time.
  • Fermented Spider Eye
    Origin: Make a spider eye with sugar and a brown mushroom.
    Result: corrupts certain potions, allowing them to have the opposite (often negative) effect.
  • Gunpowder
    Source: Killing Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches.
    Result: turn a normal potion into a splash potion. This explodes and spreads an effect when cast.

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Last words

Minecraft potions guide can be a lifesaver and has also been shown to be poisonous, it all depends on the composition. This guide will help you use the correct ingredient. I hope you find the article useful.

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