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The Metaverse is all anyone can talk about, and for good reason: the concept has the power to change communications as we know it. In order not to miss the opportunity, Microsoft recently announced that it will launch its own Metaverse, and users will be able to access commercial tools such as MS Excel and Powerpoint on it.

Microsoft’s version of the Metaverse will be suitable for professionals.

Microsoft has already started work on its first offering: a virtual version of Microsoft’s Team Chats, which will have digital avatars and the MS Office Suite. The company claims it will be available by the first half of 2022.

“This pandemic has made business use cases much more common, although sometimes consumer things feel like science fiction,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

Speaking about the way the average consumer perceives the Metaverse, Nadella said: “There is nothing creepy about visiting a Covid room remotely so that a doctor can help their patients, or to be able to provide remote assistance on a hotline. manufacturing in a time of Covid crisis when that manufacturing line must be repaired by an engineer who works from home “,

What is the Microsoft metaverse?

What is the Microsoft metaverse?

Microsoft spoke about the new Teams feature during its Ignite conference, saying that users will be able to create a virtual space where they can meet and discuss ideas. It takes advantage of Microsoft’s own technology, Mesh, which combines virtual and augmented reality through the use of specific glasses, including the brand’s HoloLens.

“You could, for example, experience a Best Buy store in the metaverse” and see displays and devices, Microsoft Vice President Jared Spataro said. “Today, when you think of a website, it is not very well connected to the physical aspect of what we experience.”

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