Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the Windows 11 device of your dreams

Tom Warren in The Verge really hates windows 11, proclaiming that it will not be upgraded to Microsoft’s next operating system. Why? You have several reasons, such as your inability to easily locate the date and time when using multiple monitors. Oh good. It is your loss, as Windows 11 is really good. In fact, it is definitely the best version of Windows. forever.

Despite Warren’s apparent hatred of Windows 11, today he shares leaked information about the upcoming Surface Pro 8. Sadly, Microsoft’s big announcement expires in just a few days, which means The Verge and other leaks (like the is source) have largely ruined the big reveal. Warren’s actions are possibly a huge sign of disrespect for Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay. Sigh. Fortunately, the leaked information points to a very The exciting Surface tablet is on the way.

According to The Verge, Surface Pro 8 will have slimmer bezels, a 13-inch 120Hz display, 11th Gen Intel Core processors, and double Thunderbolt ports. While all of those specs are exciting, I’m more intrigued by the two Thunderbolt ports. The inclusion of Thunderbolt means that the Surface Pro 8 will be compatible with high-end docking stations and external GPUs. Sadly, the USB-A appears to be cut off entirely, which means you will need a dongle for accessories that use it.

Updaters should be giddy with the apparent use of replaceable solid-state drives in the Surface Pro 8. This means you can easily upgrade or repair an SSD when needed. This will help keep tablets out of landfills, as the Surface Pro 8 won’t turn to trash if (when) the SSD fails. The soldered SSDs as found in previous Surface Pro models were terrible for repairability.

Unfortunately, pricing and availability are not yet known, but more will be revealed on September 22. One thing’s for sure though: if this leaked information is true, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will absolutely be the Windows 11 device you’ve been dreaming of. from.

Image Credit: Cookie Study / Shutterstock

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