Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio: New Design For Creative Users

Microsoft just released the Surface Laptop Studio, a mobile version of the Surface Studio desktop aimed primarily at creative users.

The most visible difference from potential competitors is how the screen goes from laptop to tablet mode, and the images below are worth a thousand words.

Having the screen resting on the keyboard is an exquisite way to achieve this, in my opinion, and it doesn’t have keyboard keys resting on the tabletop.

There’s also an intermediate “tent” position that could be great for watching movies (with four-speaker audio), gaming, or working with a mouse and keyboard. The small magnets ensure that the screen will stay in place until the user moves it again.

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The dual display hinge is a concept popularized by ACER in the ConceptD Ezel series, but it seems like a good idea to go this route for a creative laptop.

The main downside to the Surface Laptop Studio is the overall thickness. Its base doesn’t take up the full width and height of the chassis, perhaps to make it appear thinner than it is, but the 18.94mm thinness is very acceptable.

1632335922 656 Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio New Design For Creative Users

That creates an excellent opportunity to store the magnetic Surface Pen ($ 129.99) in a place that won’t come off easily. I haven’t tried it, but I wonder if the shape makes it more (or less?) Comfortable.

Design aside, do you have the skills to be a great creative laptop? The mere presence of a NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti The GPU is a good sign because having a fast discrete GPU is a requirement in this category. If you need certified CAD / pro drivers, there is also an RTX A2000 SKU.

CPU options are Intel i5-11300H or i7-11370H, both of which are 35W TDP processors which are more powerful than the typical 15W + processors used in thin and light notebooks. If you have heavy multi-threaded workloads, go for the i7.

1632335922 775 Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio New Design For Creative Users1632335922 852 Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio New Design For Creative Users

Thanks to the dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, you can easily create a fixed workstation with a TB base like Anker PowerExpand Elite to connect more monitors and external storage.

Overall, this new Surface Laptop Studio (Official website) is a nice addition to the Surface Book 3, as it covers a very different use case. I suspect it has a much better creative experience than Surface Book 3, and for simple sketches, the new Surface Pro 8 (or an iPad Pro 12.9) could be your go-to device.

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