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Fan Control is an open source application for Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 devices to manage system fans. Most Windows PCs come with one or more fans, for example processor fans, power supply unit fans, graphics adapter fans, and other fans.

These fans are used to cool the system or specific components to prevent overheating or other issues related to components reaching heat thresholds.

Tip: You can check the temperatures, including the GPU temperature, in the Windows 10 and 11 Task Manager.

The fans are controlled automatically by default on most systems, but specialized software is available to manage the fans manually. Some users may want to slow down the fans to reduce the noise they emit, others may want the fans to spin faster to cool down the components more.

Fan Control is an open source program for Windows that gives system administrators control over fans. The program relies on third-party public libraries to detect compatible hardware. Once started, it will run a fan scan on the system and check each one it discovers for speed thresholds.

The fans it detects are displayed on the interface, and you can let the program control the speed or switch to manual control mode to manage the fans manually. Fan Control extracts information from the temperature sensors it supports, for example from the processor or motherboard sensors.

fan control sensors

The fans were correctly identified in some devices, while in others they were not detected at all. The program supports custom names for fans, which helps with the identification of fans in the system.

App users can add automatic controls and curves to the interface to manage fan speed and behavior in detail.

The Auto option gives you options to set idle and load temperatures, desired fan speed for these, steps, and response times.

Fan Control supports a number of additional functions, including saving and loading profiles, different fan curves to fully control fans, and a theme editor.

Closing words

How does it compare to other fan control programs like FanCtrl or SpeedFan? Fan Control is certainly not as easy to use as those, but it offers more management options than those apps. If necessary, it depends on the individual use cases. Some applications may not detect some or all of the fans in a system, while others may. It’s always nice to have a few options when it comes to functionality.

I have used fan control applications like SpeedFan for years to reduce the noise that certain fans make on Windows PCs. I found them invaluable for this purpose, and I never had overheating issues using these apps.

Now you: Do you control the fans in your systems?

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