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Nothing screams the technology of the future like transparent OLED displays, and LG Display just revealed their latest concepts and prototypes for CES 2022, The edge reported. All concepts were created by LG Display (an independent sister company of LG Electronics) from 55-inch 1080p OLED panels with 40 percent transparency using their 8th-generation manufacturing process.

The most visually striking model is the OLED shelf which is built from two 55-inch transparent OLED displays mounted one on top of the other and topped by a shelf. The idea is that you can display the art on a screen and a description of the art below, for example. It also has a sheet of opaque material that can be rolled up like a shadow to make the screen look more like a standard non-transparent OLED. At the same time, if the screens are off and the opaque material rolled up, you will be able to see the objects behind the screen as if they were real paintings.

LG display

The other displays are designed more for signage and commercial customers. The purchasing management showcase can be placed in front of physical products, adding graphics or effects like VFX smoke to enhance them. Meanwhile, the display window can display sticker-like graphics in front of clothing or other products to make a display more attractive. LG Display said versions of the latter are already being used in a fashion store in Seoul and even in the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

LG Display has already shown a variety of curved displays, including a continuous screen that wraps around a stationary bike and a curved multimedia chair concept. The new transparent displays are just concepts and prototypes, but they said The edge which could help customers to turn them into products and the OLED shelf is ready for production.

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