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Whether you invite your friends to dinner on a Friday night or meet your significant other in a park for a weekend picnic, playing cards is always an entertainment option that never fails, especially since it does not distinguish between ages or if it is the right occasion. to play.

What is striking about traditional card games is that they now have their corresponding digital versions, although it is a direct consequence of this era in which we live virtually: working, interacting with friends and family, shopping and even visiting remote places. And it’s surprising, because software creators and developers have found the opportunity to be more creative and work on new versions of these traditional games. Of course, this has caught people’s attention, feeling motivated to try new games and asking curious questions such as how a new version could be generated from a popularly known game.

Especially during 2020, a year marked by social distancing due to the pandemic, people have the need to connect with their loved ones, finding an entertainment option in online games regardless of distance. In India there is the case of Andar Bahar, who is now one of the traditional card games now available online, a simple game that involves a single deck of cards. It’s easy to learn as you don’t have to be the best strategist to win, the result will be a matter of luck and guesswork.

The origin of the name comes from how the cards are placed on the table. “Andar” refers to the left side of the table and “Bahar” to the right place. Due to its popularity, we have decided to present you with a list of the most successful applications of this game based on Google Play, so that you can be part of this trend.

1. Andar Bahar

Floating Ninja Games is the company in charge of offering the most popular application this year on Google Play about Andar Bahar. With more than 10,000 downloads, this game, also known as Katti or Mangatha, finds in this online version a simple game, perfect for those who are just starting out in this way of playing cards.

With this version, users will enjoy an intuitive interface, they will be able to obtain free coins with Spin Wheel and, in addition, request help when they need it. In addition, it is perfect for everyone, since the bets are not with real money.

2. Andar Bahar – Indian Desi Card Game

The second option offered Google play is the application developed by Artoon Games. Currently version 3.7 of the Android application is available, and it is one of the most up-to-date on the market. It has more than 100,000 downloads, an indicator of its success and that users enjoy it.

It is aimed at users who already know this game originally from Bangalore, and who want to enter the online world by making bets.

3. Andar Bahan – Indian Players Betting

Available from May 3, 2019, this version developed by Three Cards has more than 100,000 downloads worldwide, a success that continues since a new update was released a few days ago. Its popularity is due to the possibility that the application offers to live a real gambling game but without it being done with real money. Also, it is known as the Indian version of poker.

The download is completely free and can be played simultaneously with family and friends, each from the comfort of their mobile device.

4. Andar Bahar – Katti Indian betting card game

With a very simple to use interface, this application developed by Funwin24 is designed for an exclusively adult audience since, although it is not possible to win real money, the way the application is designed allows users to place bets, simulating the same mechanics . of the casinos.

For example, when downloading and registering, you are automatically assigned a 10,000 chip welcome bonus. The application has a size of 31.23 MB that can be compatible with any of today’s Android.

5. Andar Bahar – 3 Patti Poker & Rummy Card Game

Those who pay attention to the designs and choose an application guided by its appearance will probably enjoy playing Andar Bahar with the version developed by Game Bombies.

Although it does not have as many downloads as the previous recommendations (currently there are more than 1000), it is an application with a lot of potential, since it allows you to play in real time with family and friends, offers the user free bonuses, the interface is very intuitive and, somewhat rare, it also offers prizes and the possibility of participating in tournaments.

Will Andar Bahar’s applications continue to be successful in the coming years?

The answer is yes. Traditional Indian games are becoming known around the world thanks to the fact that they have been developed in online versions. These types of card games that were invented hundreds of years ago are considered something new for those who only knew poker as the most entertaining game of strategy. Then the adventure is just beginning.

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